Cartano Bulman Vacation 1957



Cousin Bulman Family Visit to the Cartano family home on Lake Washington, Bellevue, Washington, August, 1957.

  • Movie 1.  Arrival at SeaTac airport; swimming at the Cartano family beach; Mrs. Lewis's Eskimo outfit; boat trip on Lake Washington to the hydroplane races.
  • Movie 2.  Swimming at the Seattle Tennis Club and at Grandmother's and Granddad's beach; dress-up party by the children; swimming out to the log at the Cartano beach; hiking on Mt. Rainier.
  • Movie 3.  More hiking on Mt. Rainier; swimming parties at the Cartano family beach and at Grandmother's and Granddad's beach; leaving from SeaTac airport.


The persons in the movies include:

(a) the Cartano family members: Jane and John Cartano and their children, Julie, David, Bob, Ann and Helene.  Margaret and Joan were not yet born.

(b) the Bulman family members: Uncle Jack, Aunt Louise, and Cousins Pat, Mike, Theresa, Steve and Meg.  Cousin John was not yet born.

(c) the Bronson family members: Grandmother Florence Bronson and Granddad David Bronson.  Julie and Cousin Pat stayed overnight at their Shorewood apartment during the first two weeks of the vacation.