Kathy and Alison

Visit to David Cartano's House in Los Angeles

Cousin John Bulman's wife and daughter, Kathy and Alison, visited David Cartano in Los Angeles in July, 2011.

Alison graduated from Tufts University in engineering, and is now working as a civil engineer in Los Angeles.

Cathy and John Bulman previously visited the Cartano family in Bellevue, Washington in August 2010.  In the 11 months after Kathy left Bellevue, she has lost approximately 85 pounds using a simple diet and exercise program.  Kathy uses a high vegetable and protein diet, and a low sugar/carbohydrate diet, to lose weight. The details of this diet are at http://www.idealprotein.com. Kathy uses the Pilates exercise program two times a week to give her core strength in her back, stomach, hips, knees and legs. The exercise program has given her a completely flat stomach, and allowed her to regain strength in her knees.  She also rides her bike whenever she can, so cardio is an important part of the exercise program.  The program works well for men and women alike, and is available through a variety of health professionals.

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