Item Trivia
Nigel Helene Cartano Marcelia's dog is taking Prozak in order to help calm the dog's nerves.
Wedding proposal When John D. Cartano asked Jane Cartano to marry him, and she said yes, they shook hands.
Street address There is an address in Arizona with the Cartano name in it. The address is 13825 E. Camino Cartano, Tucson, Arizona 85749. The person who lives there is Peter Inorio.
Most popular name The most popular Cartano name is Margaret. There are five Margarets: Margaret Carolyn Cartano Fletcher; Margaret Cartano Hewes; Margaret Joann Cartano Houser; Margaret L. Cartano; and Margaret Van Wie Percival Cartano. There is also Margarida I. Cartano Sousa, 7871 Houston Avenue, Hanford, CA 93230
Marie Antoinette One of Jane Cartano's ancestors was Anthony Edgeworth. He was a Catholic priest in France. He administered the last rites to King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette before they were executed in the French Revolution.
Bull fighting lessons David J. Cartano took bull fighting lessons in the Canary Islands in 1972.
Darwood John Daniel Cartano disliked his middle name so much that he changed it to Darwood. On June 16, 1930, the University of Washington issued a Bachelor of Arts degree to John Darwood Cartano. In later life, John changed his middle name back to Daniel, which was the first name of his father.
Baptism The priest who baptized Jane Cartano was not sure that Jane was a saint's name. He therefore baptized her as Mary Jane.
Street Name There is street called Rua Cartano Mazza 428, VL Industrial Jau, San Paulo, Brazil 17203-377. There is another Street in Paraguay called Proy Cartano 9.