Prizes and Awards
Name Award
Kyle Kyle was #1 in his district out of 7 reps for the 3rd quarter ending
9/30/04 at EMC. He accounted for 25% of the total revenue for his
district for that period.

Tyler 1. Tyler was 2nd in in the West in % of plan achieved for the fiscal year
ending 9/30/04 at IKON. He was 2nd out of 70 reps at his level from
all the states west of Colorado. He has been promoted to Account
Representative I.

2. Attained 600 percent of quota for fiscal quarter, IKON Office Products, first in the nation.

Joe 1. 3.9 GPA, June 2004, from the University of Washington (majoring in computer engineering).

2. Scholarship Award, Fiji Fraternity, 2004.

3. Internship at Intel in Boston, Massachusetts.

Jill 1. 3.93 GPA, 2004, from Blanchet High School.

2. Most outstanding religious student award for January 2004 from Blanchet High School.

3. Varsity Letter in Track.

4. Varsity Letter in Cross Country.

5. First Honors/Honors Society.

6. Track–Metro, qualified for District in long jump, fourth-place finish.

7. Track–Metro, qualified for District in 4 x 100 relay, sixth place finish.

8. Passed drivers test.

9. Certified ADD.

10. Elected to represent track for honor's society

11. First place in PE pickle ball tournament

12. CPR certification


Angela l. I am below my highschool weight.
2. I survive at Walmart with 3 kids--4 years and younger on a weekly basis.
3. I had a 9lb. 3oz baby.
4. I am the most multitasking person in the family: I nurse my baby, prepare breakfast, talk on the phone, entertain two children and make a mocha, simultaneously!
5. I am writing a children's book which includes the eating preferences of children from around the world.
Alicia 3.968 GPA Spring semester, Heartland Baptist Bible College (majoring in Education)

David 1. First place preaching trophy in June, 2004 out of a camp of about 320 teens coming from Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. The camp is held every year in northeastern Washington.

2. Caught two salmon barehanded in Kodiak

3. Chosen to be be group leader at the Ranch

4. Caught the most greased pigs at the ranch

5. 30 lbs. more on the bench press in 4 1/2 months

6. 3/4 inch added to upper arms in 41/2 months

7. Visited the most states in a 6 month period-Oklahoma, Hawaii, Mexico, Alaska

8. Met the most beautiful girl in the world

9. Won preachers contest

11. Got life turned around (mom's)

12. Chosen to run nursing home ministry every Monday


Geena 4.0 GPA 6th, 7th, and now 8th grade at Chinook Middle School.

John 1. 4.0 GPA 3rd grade

2. Participated in the baseball playoffs

3. Received a 4 pt on his book report project.
Julie 1. 3.75 GPA

2. First Place―Excel Clocking Competition

3. Varsity Letter―DHS Field Hockey, fall

4. Western Maine Tennis Champions―DHS Tennis Team, Spring

5. Class A State Champion Runner up―DHS Tennis, Spring

6. Candidate―City of Portland, Student Representative to the School Committee

7. Student Senate―3 years running

8. Certification―CPR

9. 2nd Place―Shot Put

10. 2nd Place―Design and Formatting Contest, October

11. 3rd Place―Shot Put

12. 7 points scored―Shot Put

13. Mentioned in Newspaper―Field Hockey

14. Scored 2 goals―vs. Marshwood

15. Scored 1 goal―vs. Masabesic

16. 15-2―Field Hockey Record

17. Certification of Participation―DHS Indoor Track

18. Certification of Participation―DHS Tennis

19. Certification of Participation―DHS Field Hockey

20. Lead Scorer―Indoor Field Hockey, season 2


22. Certification of Participation―Future Teacher of America

23. Tennis Baller Award―Tennis Team Choice

24. Most Likely to O.D. on Protein―Field Hockey Team Choice

25. Selected as a Young Leader―Invited to the National Young Leaders Conference in Washington D.C, in honor of Academic Achievement and Leadership Ability
Katie 1. 3.83 GPA, Fall 2004. Teacher's comments: "Katie is a conscientious, cooperative student. Her good work habits provide a good example for her classmates."

2. 3.818 GPA for the second quarter, January 2004, from Sacred Heart School, 4th Grade. Katie received all A's except in handwriting and physical education.

3. 3.818 GPA for the third quarter, April 2004, from Sacred Heart School, 4th Grade. Katie received all A's except in handwriting and physical education.

4. 3.7 GPA for the fourth quarter, June 2004, from Sacred Heart School, 4th Grade.

5. Bellevue West Little League Baseball first-place team and award for undefeated season, 2004, Yankee team.

6. Gold Medal winner (first place), Little League Championship Series, June 2004 (undefeated in championship series games).

7. 2004 Bellevue West Wall-Start Team Participant-Medal.

8. Most Outstanding Academic Girl Award for 2003-2004, Sacred Heart School.

9. Best Sportsmanship Award, Sacred Heart School.

10. Nordstrom's Beat the Bridge 2004 Award.

11. CYO Basketball undefeated season.

12. Quickhandle Camp Team Champion Medal.

13. Quickhandle Camp Top Scorer Trophy.

14. Quickhandle Camp Trigger Champion Trophy.

15. Overlake Swim Team 10 and under the girls "most improved" plaque.

16. 50 yard freestyle first-place.

17. 50 yard breaststroke first-place.

18. Division Champion ―Medal 2nd place.

19. 50 yard backstroke first place.

20. B Champs 11th place ribbon.

21. B Champs 7th place ribbon.

22. 200 yard freestyle relay 3rd place ribbon.

23. 100 yard freestyle medley relay 3rd place ribbon.

24. 100 yard medley relay 1st place ribbon.

25. Best bunker recovering golf certificate.

26. Certificates of Participation and Accomplishment, 2004 Overlake Golf & Country Club Junior Camp

27. Bellevue Club Junior Singles Champion Tennis 2004 Trophy

28. Bellevue Club Junior Doubles Champion Tennis 2004 Trophy

29. Overlake Country Club 3-Hole Championship Flight Girls, Champion, Trophy

30. Traffic Patrol ―Sacred Heart School

31. Altar Serving ―Sacred Heart School

32. Received first hat trick (three goals in one game) for Sacred Heart in a soccer match against Holy Family in September 2004.

33. Member of the Bellevue Select Basketball team.

34. Member of the Bellevue Blast Select Softball team.

35. Undefeated soccer season 2004

36. Second hat trick - soccer

37. Music Student of the Week Award, January 29, 2004.

38. Leading scorer for Basketball select tournament.

39. Basketball tournament wins: Bellevue & Bothell got the tournament off with a bang with our game going into sudden death overtime with Katie Savard hitting a free throw to win it for Bellevue! In our second game we faced a strong Lady Style team that had some great players. On Saturday we faced Skyline for a re-match. While both teams showed some strong defense we had a harder time to get our shot to fall. In our last game we faced Mt. Si and rebounded well from our earlier loss in the day. We had 8 out of 10 girls scoring to give us our second win and finishing the tournament 2-2.

(David Cartano's godson)
1. 3.846 GPA, June 2004, for the third trimester, from Sacred Heart School, 1st Grade.

2. 3.807 GPA, January 2004, for the second trimester, from Sacred Heart School, 1st Grade.

3. All-Star Reader Award, Sacred Heart School, January, 2004

4. Skills Assessment #1 Reader Award, March 30, 2004, 48/48 points on test

5. Scientist of the Week Award, February 2004

6. Social Studies Bee Certificate of Merit, January 2004

7. Peacemaker Award (who models the virtue of Tolerance), January 16, 2004

8. Little League Baseball trophy for undefeated season, 2004, Red Sox team.

9. First-place winner, Little League Championship Series, June 2004 (undefeated in championship series games).

10. Super Reader Award in vocabulary, comprehension, phonics analysis, and structural analysis, Sacred Heart School, May 25, 2004.

11. Great Teamwork Award, Table 4, Sacred Heart School, May 7, 2004.

12. Spartans Field Day Award, Sacred Heart School, Second Place.

13. Bellevue West Little League Lower Dukes 2004 Champs Trophy.

14. Clyde Hill Summer Classic All-Star team trophy member.

15. Quickhandle Camp Team Champion Medal.

16. 100 meter medley 2nd place medal B championship.

17. 25 meters breaststroke 5th place medal B championship.

18. 25 yard freestyle 2nd place ribbon.

19. 100 yard freestyle 3rd place ribbon.

20. 100 yard freestyle 2nd place ribbon.

21. 25 yard breaststroke 3rd place ribbon.

22. 25 yard breaststroke 5th place ribbon.

23. Division championship heat winner.

24. 25 yard backstroke 3rd place ribbon.

25. 100 yard medley relay 4th place ribbon.

26. Certificates of Participation and Accomplishment, 2004 Overlake Golf & Country Club Junior Camp

27. Bellevue Club Junior Singles Runner Up Tennis 2004 Trophy

28. Overlake Country Club 3-Hole Championship Flight Boys, 3rd Place, Trophy

29. Undefeated soccer season 2004.

30. 14 points in five minutes - basketball

31. November 2004 Sacred Heart School Award as a Peacemaker Who Models the Virtue of Humility for:
Respected and honored what each person contributes to our class
Learned from his mistakes
Done his personal best just to do it, not to impress anyone
Realized that everyone is a human being - each one different but still a person

32. Certificate for receiving "First Reconciliation" Sacred Heart 2004

Greatest sports moments of 2004 1. E-mail from Katie Savard regarding the final inning of the regional Little League championship series game for Katie's team, coached by Steve Savard:

It was the top of the 6th, the last inning, and they were at bat leading 11 to 8. A girl hit a pop up to me and I caught it for the first out. Then there was a grounder to short stop. She threw it to first, and the 1st base umpire called her safe! But my Dad questioned it, and the home plate umpire had a better angle on the play and called her out at first for the 2nd out. Then there was another pop up to first and I caught it. So we held them.

Our first girl up struck out for out #1. Then I was up. I hit the ball into the outfield and got an easy single. Another girl got a hit and I got home. The girl that got the hit stole 3rd. Then we had 2 walks so the bases were loaded. Then there was a hit into the outfield that scored 3 runs! And we won the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My team has played together for three years and we only lost one game! The first year we lost one game, and the second year we lost none, and this year we lost none! After the game we were called out to the field to receive our 1st place gold meddles.

2. E-mail from Steve Savard (David's godson) regarding the final inning of the regional Little League championship series game for Jack's team, coached by Steve Savard:

In the last inning Jack had all three put outs. He caught a liner while diving and then got up and threw the ball to first base for the double play. The 3rd out was a pop up to him at short stop. Jack's team won his championship game by a single run!