Poems by Katie Savard
Title Poem
Above Above the sky and trees,
Above the clouds and water,
Above the earth and grass,
Above all people…
Is space
Christmas Wreathes and green trees,
Pine needles,
Bells ringing,
Homemade cookies,
Wrapped presents,
In my house In my house there are loving people.
In my smile there is hope and joy.
In my heart there is the future and light.
In my family there are caring acts of kindness.
In my mind there are great thoughts.
Roll thoughts Roll thoughts into my mind.
Fix questions into answers.
Plaster hope to a friend.
Weave my fears into excitement.
Guitar Guitars like to wear brown suits with a hat.
Their neck is about 2 feet long.
They can sing without being embarrassed.
Their hairs are like black, firm, adjustable, strings.
When I feel like I’m as happy as a clown.
Strong as an ox carrying wood.
Mad as a piranha being hunted.
Interested as Curious George in the zoo.
Surprised as you and me on Christmas.
Basketball Basketball is like hitting a target when you shoot.
The crowd sounds like a storm when you steal the ball.
The ball is like a stuffed animal because you never want to give it away.
Running down the court is like a marathon.
Beyond Beyond worrying and pressure.
Beyond frightened kids.
Beyond your worst fears.
Beyond people.
Beyond everything…
There is peace
Jack Jack is very smart
Athletic too.
Can be good enough to play in the NBA.
Kind to all.