Name Memorabilia
Anna Cartano Gascoigne Wedding announcement by Anna Cartano Gascoigne and her husband announcing the wedding of their daughter, Angela, to Steve A. Aichinger, Jr. on Saturday, January 2, 1999 at the Open Door Baptist Church in Lynnwood, Washington.
David John Cartano 1. 8-1/2" by 11" award announcement, 2 pages, for the 1964 Graduation Exercises at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Bellevue, Washington. David Cartano was awarded the most outstanding religious boy award at the 8th grade graduation ceremonies.

2. Merit Certificate, issued by Sacred Heart School, June 1, 1964, certifying that David Cartano served as a member of the School Safety Patrol for one year.

3. 900 page book, Taxation of Compensation and Benefits, published by David J. Cartano. It may be obtained from Panel Publishers for $175.

4. Bachelor of Arts degree issued by the University of Washington on December 14, 1972 to David Cartano.
Jane Bronson Cartano 1. 105 page Masters Thesis by Jane Bronson Cartano, entitled "Nutritional Status of Iowa State College Women, Vitamin C Metabolism During Controlled Exercise." It was published in 1944 by Iowa State College.

2. Newspaper photograph, Tacoma News Tribune, October 19, 1956, page A-6, of Jane Cartano meeting President Eisenhower.

3. Award certificate, certifying that Jane Bronson Cartano officially joined the ranks of the New Mexico State University Golden A's on October 17, 1992.

4. Master of Science degree issued by the Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts on June 9, 1944 to Jane Cartano.

5. Newspaper article regarding Jane Cartano's family house in Las Cruces, New Mexico (owned by her father, David Bronson). The article states in part the following:

"Nestled in the middle of the 400 block of West Las Cruces Avenue is a small gem of a house belonging to Theresa and Thomas Gerend. Dr. Gerend retired from the practice of pediatric medicine. They have lovingly painted and refurbished its interior, all the while preserving its original features and adding only a second bathroom onto the original structure.

"As is true of the houses adjoining it, the house was built on two lots. The land had been plated in 1887 and had been given by Mr. and Mrs. Nicolas Galles to their daughter.

"In 1923 the house was purchased by a printer named David Bronson. The Bronsons lived in the house for 30 years, during which time Mr. Bronson published The Rio Grande Farmer, the newspaper which subsequently became the Los Cruces Sun News. Louise Bronson, the daughter of David Bronson, told the Gerends that, while she was a young girl living at home and occupying the small center bedroom in the house, Las Cruces suffered an earthquake which caused the ceiling in that room to collapse. She was lying in her feather bed at the time, and it absorbed the shock of the falling debris, allowing her to escape unharmed.

"The ceilings in this elegant house are notable for their white-painted beams. The house also contains a wonderful little butler's pantry and a master bedroom cum sitting room, complete with working fireplace. An especially pleasing aspect of the home is its backyard, to which has been added in the recent past a large heated swimming pool.

"A small plaque to the left of the front door of the house proclaims that the house is listed in the National Register of Historic Places."
Joan Cartano Savard 1. Wedding announcement by Jane and John Cartano announcing the marriage of Joan Cartano to Stephen Savard on September 10, 1988.

2. Birthday party announcement by Joan Cartano Savard and Steve Savard for the first birthday party of their son Jack to be held on December 27, 1997 at the Cartano compound.

3. Baptism announcement by Joan Cartano Savard and Steve Savard for the batism of their son Jack to be held on May 4, 1997.
John Daniel Cartano 1. 7" by 7" newspaper article in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, including picture of John D. Cartano and his family, when he became President of the Seattle Chamber of Commerce.

2. Bachelor of Arts degree issued by the University of Washington on June 16, 1930 to John Darwood Cartano.

3. Newspaper article announcing the 50th wedding anniversary of Jane and John Cartano.

4. Vacation diaries of John Cartano. John Cartano kept diaries of the many trips and vacations that he took during the summer with his wife and seven children. A sample entry from his diary on his trip to Birch Bay in June 1954 is as follows:

“We all spent a two weeks vacation in June 1954 at Birch Bay just off the ocean, near the Canadian border. The port of entry to Canada was about 10 or 15 miles to the north. Ann was really not at the walking stage, although 13 months old, but she was able to barely stand. Helene and Margaret had not yet appeared on the scene.

We had a two-bedroom cabin with not too large a living room, kitchen combination. Ann and Julia stayed in the living room and the two boys slept together in one of the bedrooms. We had a wood stove which kept us comfortable and cooked our meals.

The big attraction was the beach of course. The tide went out it seemed for a quarter of a mile. Most of our time was spent either with bonfires or, in the case of the children, digging around in the sand. There was much wading ann fooling around the shallow pools as a tide came in.

We will always remember the steak barbecue dinner we had on the beach. Just as everything was ready and served, all of us got on one side of the table because the smoke of the fire otherwise got in our eyes. It was more than enough to upset the table and the dinner. The steak wound up well encrusted with sand as did the salad. The little store where we were staying was well supplied, so we made do with an improved dinner.

We enjoyed driving to Vancouver where we went through the Hudson's Bay department store. Their cookies (biscuits so-called) fascinated us all.

There was an amusement park not far off from where we were staying which we patronized on several occasions. The Devils-Dip tested the best of the children. Julia did not try it.

Crab-fishing was fun and we came up with about three which was enough for boiling and a big crab feed. There is nothing better than fresh crab.

There was a golf course nearby but we had too many youngsters on our hands to try that. One of our picnics was on the beach at a distant point which we all remember because the day was so warm.

All the youngsters like the fun of exploring and we all want to go back someday.”
Julie Cartano Rourke 8-1/2" by 11" Award to Julie Cartano Rourke's son, Kyle. He was awarded the May 1996 Student of the Month by Bellevue High School. The award stated that Kyle was recognized for outstanding contributions to discussions in class and for being a critical thinker.
Margaret Cartano Hewes Newspaper article dated January 27, 1993 discussing the lawsuit brought by Margaret Cartano Hewes' husband on behalf of his client against the town of Sanford, Maine, charging police brutality and excessive force in arresting his client. Margaret's husband said there was no reason for the excessive force, noting that his client "has been active in the Girl Scouts and is a social worker who helps autistic people."
Richard (Dick) Andrew Cartano Seventy-fifth anniversary notice by Monticello State Bank, Monticello, Iowa in 1950 showing that Richard Cartano was the president and a director of Monticello State Bank.