Cartano Family Trees
Family Description
Cartano family tree The Cartano lineage from Antonio Cartano to the present date is set forth in the Cartano Family Tree, Millennium Edition.
Hoyt-Percival-Cartano family tree and geneology Daniel A. Cartano married Margaret Van Wie Percival on February 1, 1875. Margaret Van Wie Percival was the daughter of Reverend John Thomas Percival and Emily Melvina Hoyt. The Hoyt and Percival lineages are set forth in this family tree. There is a Genealogical History of the Hoyt, Haight and Hight families, approximately 50 pages long. There is another Genealogy of the Hoyt Family that is three pages long. Finally, there is a summary of the photostatic copies of the Hoyt Family Book, 1871, that is ten pages long.
Bronson/Warners/Whitney/Edgeworth family tree and geneology Jane Bronson married John D. Cartano. Her ancestors included the Bronson, Warners, Whitney and Edgeworth families. There is a ten page summary of the Bronson/Warners/Whitney/Edgeworth family trees and geneolog.