2021 News and Developments
Dates News and Develowpment
4/18/2021 Katie will be receiving her MBA from the University of Washington on June 7, 2021. She currently has a 3.75 GPA. She will be completing her MBA program in two years while working on a full-time basis at Boeing.
4/24/2021 Jane is expecting a baby boy on August 22.
4/18/2021 The wedding of Katie and Noah is scheduled for August 21. The wedding reception will be at the beach.
4/17/2021 Margaret Joan had a blessed first birthday getting baptized this weekend as well! Watch out Cartanos, there is a new most religious student on the block. She did not cry once!

Baby Margaret loves to smile and she just started walking.
4/16/2021 Bob Cartano received a $384,000 reduction in property tax assessed value for the beach property at the hearing at the Assessment Appeals Board. All of the Cartano beach property owners are very thankful to Bob.
3/25/2021 Email from Alicia

Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes for Anna. 8 years old! She asked for an arts & crafts party so little friends are coming over tomorrow and we’re painting. We made her cake together which was a funny experience. Rainbow color layers & rainbow frosting with a paint brush on top for being crafty.
3/20/2021 Email from Angela

Elaina has one more year of high school. But she already seems like an adult, doing online college and going to work. She has a 3.92 GPA (before finals).
2/5/2021 Email from office manager of David’s law firm:

The Los Angeles County Health Department requires that any business experiencing 3 or more COVID cases within a 2 week period file a report with them, so stating. Apparently, they then send an inspector to the business if the business is operating “on-site” to make sure proper protocol is being followed. I was contacted today informing me that an inspector will be visiting our office tomorrow at 11am.
1/25/2021 Email from Helene Cartano Marcelia:

John had to pay a lot of money to have the drone rebuilt. But, the Drone is up and running now. John may never try another Christmas fly over. Darn oak tree.