2011 News and Developments
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9/1/2011 E-mail from Chris McCoy, best man at Joel and Chelsea Cartano's wedding:

Here's a re-toast for the 2 lovers:


It's a 7-minute video recorded at Greenlake in Seattle.

Look forward to hopefully seeing all of you again.

Joe's best man, his fantasy football #1 competitor, and his companion at all major sporting events,

8/29/2011 Chelsea Woodworth married Joe Cartano in Seattle, Washington on Saturday, August 29, 2011.

The wedding and reception took place at the Court in the Square, 400 Second Avenue South, Seattle, Washington 98104.  The wedding ceremony was performed by Steve Edle, United Presbyterian Church.

The Maid of Honor was Jill Cartano. The Bridesmaids were Christina Boals and Jessica Raman. The best man was Christopher McCoy.

Joe is the son of Maureen and Robert Cartano.  Chelsea is the daughter of Bonnie and Daniel Woodworth.

The Rehearsal Dinner took place the night before on Friday, August 26, 2011 at the Cartano Beach, 10519 S.E. 32nd St., Bellevue, Washington 98004.
7/26/2011 E-mail from Janelle Lauer (janellelauer@hotmail.com):

Jeffrey Lee Cartano, son of John Guy Cartano and Erma J Cartano, died on July 9th. He was 62 years old and my father.
7/8/2011 E-mail from David Cartano:

I had a hard time getting home tonight. Prince William and Kate arrived in in my Hancock Park neighborhood in Los Angeles, and stayed overnight just down the street at the British Consul General's mansion on June Street in Hancock Park. Streets were closed and movement restricted around the Consul Mansion. That did not stop the paparazzi from coming by. Traffic was a nightmare.
7/1/2011 Mr. Mrs. Daniel Woodworth announced that their daughter, Chelsea, will be married to Joseph Daniel Cartano on Saturday, August 27, 2011 in Seattle Washington.
3/30/2011 E-mail from Margaret Cartano Hewes regarding her daughter, Julie:

Yesterday Julie accepted a nurse residency at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon NH. She starts July 11. It is just over the border from Woodstock VT and many other attractions. If anyone likes leaf-peeping, this the place to go and you are all welcome!!
3/21/2011 E-mail from Margaret Cartano Hewes regarding her daughter, Julie:

Today Julie received an offer for RN in the med/surg unit at Dartmouth Hitchcock in Hanover NH. She will also hear about a possible offer for OR nurse at a hospital in Boston tomorrow, the hospital that operates on the celtics and red sox. Recently, she has been working 11:00 PM to 7:30 AM five to six nights a week as a charge nurse at the city hospital where she worked during college.Then she has been traveling to Boston and NH for interviews, as well as telephone interviews and other applications requirements, during the days.

Tues., after sleeping for four hours in two days and leaving work at 7:30 AM, she arrived Boston at 9:57 for a 10:00 AM for an interview. Following the interview, she was told that in the next 24 hours she needed five evaluations from former supervisors. She was told that the supervisors had to track her resume, and that she could not leave any out. Amazingly, she/they got it done and is waiting to hear.

In the meantime, she broke down sick as a dog for elven hours before work again at 11, but SHE GOT AN OFFER from Dartmouth. You have to love her tenacity. I will let you know what happens. I am just happy that one of them is moving out!! How did dad get rid of us so easily???

2/26/2011 E-mail from Margaret Cartano Hewes regarding the party after her wedding at the Cartano family beach Bellevue, Washington:

I was just happy about the beach party. If you recall, my wedding was at the house/beach and Mrs. Fabico made paella, her specialty which rivaled the paella guy, and fresh fruit platters. Mom made chili con queso and smoked salmon dip. Bob did a wonderful job setting up garbage cans of beer. Our cake was almond buttercream from Arthur's bakery, and it was unbelievable even though it melted in the 102 degree temps. Helene bought my dress at Casual Corner-what?? The guest of honor was Sr. Anastasia who assured me that I would have many happy years of marriage. You can't really knock her, her overall record getting us into law schools, through sicknesses and out of trouble was pretty good.

After the wedding, Dick Hewes got us a room at the Holiday Inn in Issaquah (nice) and Dad paid for us to have breakfast at Snoqualmie Falls. Then Dad had to pay me to leave because the banks were closed for Memorial Day weekend. We were waiting around after the lovely ride on Julie's sailboat to get much needed cash from our wedding checks. Dad took out his wallet and asked us how much we needed. When we finally left, Julie said that she was surprised, the family really liked Rich. She said that you all were expecting a Bahai.

Most of these are very fond memories I will relive through the events this summer. So, Bob, get your wallet out-it will be worth it. Here's to Joe and Chelsea. May their beach party be a memorable blast and in the long run may they be as happy as we all thought we were going to be.

2/7/2011 E-mail from Julie Cartano Rourke regarding the relationship of the Cartano family to Richard Wagner:

Many thanks to Lisa Dozler for putting this information together. We haven’t had information on Caroline Klein Cartano’s parents before beyond that her father was probably Jacob Klein. This is very interesting! I searched for Caroline Margareta Wagner 1807-1855 on Ancestry.com and found her in a Cartano family tree (http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/15566165/family?cfpid=302107889, you have to be a member) put together by a person who descends from Charles Cartano, one of the 11 children of Anton and Caroline Klein Cartano. This tree traces the Wagner line of the family through Nicholas Wagner (1770-1813, grandfather to Caroline Klein Cartano) all the way back to the late 1500’s, and forward to their living relatives.

Not to put a damper on the composer Richard Wagner connection, but it is hard to see a direct relationship. I don’t see a connection through his brothers (to carry on the Wagner name) or his children (his one son had only daughters). Dad (John D. Cartano) thought we were related through Richard Wagner’s niece, Johanna Wagner (1826-1888), who was a well-known opera singer and actress. She was a contemporary of Caroline Klein Cartano (4 years older). She was the daughter of Albert, eldest brother of Richard Wagner. You can find quite a bit of information on the Internet about her. Two sources I ran across refer to her as the “adopted” daughter or “step-daughter” of Albert, so very likely there is no blood relationship. The Nicholas Wagner lineage is well detailed in the tree I mentioned earlier, so maybe there is a connection to be found further back, maybe by looking for it with Carl Friedrich Wagner (1770-1813), the father of Albert & Richard Wagner. They had lots of children and siblings, so there is always a possibility. To make things more complicated however, Carl Friedrich Wagner may not even have been Richard’s real father, so there again, no blood connection to previous Wagner’s in the family

Julie Rourke
2/7/2011 E-mail from Gary Cartano regarding the relationship of the Cartano family to the famous musician, Richard Wagner:

Good morning David, Julie et.al.

This update comes courtesy of my Neice; Lisa (Houser) Dozler. My sister Joann's daughter.
Please research thoroughly before entering, but she is pretty good at this and claims that this is what she has found so far. Much deeper than any of us have gone.

My quest has been, to get to the relationship of Caroline Wagner and Richard Wagner. I felt we have to go back beyond both and come back forward in time with the tree. Richard had such a hectic life style that it is hard to track.
Good luck to all who try.
Gary Cartano

Being very aware of the dates, this is what she found:

...This would be Antons Grandfather-in-law. That is if I'm right. Anton and Caroline Sophie (Klein) b. 1830-1923, her mother was Caroline Margareta Wagner 1807-1855 Bishishein Germany , her father was Nicolaus Wagner 1770-1813 who married Christina Gross 1770-1846.I hope that I'm right, it's hard putting the puzzle together when I have no pieces. Please send me more names and dates. Thank you and I'll be waitting to hear from you. Lisa
2/4/2011 The Bellevue Reporter.com had the following news article regarding Katie (Joan Cartano Savard’s daughter) on February 4, 2011:

Bellevue area students, teacher participating in aerospace scholars program

Feb 04 2011

Students and teachers from Bellevue, Clyde Hill and Medina are participating in Phase One of the Washington Aerospace Scholars Program at The Museum of Flight in Seattle. The program is a distance learning program with a NASA-designed curriculum covering the history of space exploration, the space shuttle, the International Space Station, the moon and Mars.

Among the 287 talented juniors and teachers from across the state are:

Bellevue High School – Brian Lawrence, Katherine Savard, Gene Yoon, Austin Arechiga, Lorin Ferris, Gloria Lu, Chirag Ved, Rahul Harikrishnan, and Margaret Reilly.

From January through May, the scholars will complete 10 lessons – submitting quizzes, math solutions, essays, and graphics concerning these topics every other week. Scholars will independently select a topic of interest for a final project combining an essay with a graphic. Based on their scores on the Phase One curriculum, up to 160 of the top performing scholars will be invited to an all expense paid Summer Residency at The Museum of Flight in Seattle.

Teachers participate as Online Academic Evaluators (OAE) during the Phase I curriculum, and will join students this summer to serve as a Summer Residency Academic Facilitators (SR-AF) during one of the residency weeks.

The entire news article can be found at: http://www.pnwlocalnews.com/east_king/bel/community/115335789.html
1/14/2011 Margaret Cartano Hewes’ daughter, Julie, is now officially a registered nurse. She passed her national nursing exam taken yesterday.
1/4/2011 Richard Hewes forwarded the following Internet link to the Washington State Bar Association In Memoriam notes about John D Cartano dated October 2005:


"A distinguished orator, decorated veteran, business leader, and devoted husband, John Cartano made his mark on the Seattle community. He served in World War II and commanded a PT boat. He received the Navy and Marine Corps Medal of Honor for helping to rescue 35 survivors from a burning transport ship. He graduated from Harvard Law School and was a founder of the Seattle law firm Cartano, Botzer & Chapman. Cartano was a member of the steering committee that brought the 1962 World’s Fair to Seattle.

As a lawyer, Cartano focused on personal-injury cases. He was married for 58 years to his wife, Jane, who died May 1. They enjoyed tending fruit trees at their Bellevue home, making jam and canning fruit.

Cartano is survived by seven children, 13 grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Remembrances may be made to the American Diabetes Association.

John D. Cartano was born April 4, 1909, and died July 19, 2005, aged 96."
1/3/2011 E-mail from David Cartano:

I just posted the following grades and test scores for the Cartano family members on the Cartano Internet home page:

Jack – 3.9 GPA, Fall Semester, Eighth Grade, Sacred Heart School. Jack had one of the highest scores in the nation on the ITBS basic skills and intelligence test for eighth graders. He tested at the 13+ grade level (freshman/sophomore in college) in all the basic subjects, including Reading, Mathematics, and Language. Jack also plays on a nationally ranked eighth grade AAU basketball team.

Geena – Received A's in all of her classes for the Fall Semester, sophomore year, University of Washington. She has a cumulative 3.8 GPA at the University of Washington. Geena is also an active member in her sorority at the University of Washington, and is on the Academic Executive Committee.

John – 4.15 GPA, Fall Semester, Ninth Grade, Bellevue High School. John received four A’s and three A+ 's, including an A+ in Math. John also plays on several soccer teams, including international competition last summer in Brazil.

Julie – 3.9 GPA, Fall Semester, University of Maine. Julie just graduated with a nursing degree from the University of Maine. She is now studying for her NCLEX-RN examination so that she can become a registered nurse throughout the United States. She just completed courses during the Fall Semester in Nursing Senior Internship, Community Health Clinical, Medical Surgical Nursing 3, Capstone Nursing, and Management for Nursing Administration. She plans to work for several years as a nurse, and then pursue a masters degree in clinical nursing.

Katie – 4.0 GPA, Bellevue High School. Katie is the captain of the varsity softball team. She is also the starting point guard on the Bellevue High School varsity basketball team, and leads the team in shooting percentage, steals, blocks and assists.

Jill – 3.8 GPA, Fall Semester, University of Washington, including a 3.9 in Management and a 3.8 in Computer Programming. She will be receive additional grades in January. Jill will graduate from the University of Washington in June with a degree in accounting.

Joe – Received a 750 on the GMAT test for admission to MBA programs. This test score was in the top 1% of the nation. Joe just applied to the MBA programs at Harvard, Columbia and Wharton (University of Pennsylvania). Joe previously received an engineering degree at the University of Washington and is now working at Microsoft.

David – 4.0 GPA, Advanced Organic Chemistry and lab courses, Fall Semester, Los Angeles Community College.