2010 Prizes and Awards
Name Award
Angela Angela entered a worldwide jewelry contest in January. Go to www.rings-things.com and select 2010 contest winners to view her pieces. Although she did not win first place, both of her entries placed in the Polly's Picks category. She had a necklace made in honor of Anna, and a bracelet/ earring set. If you click on the pictures, you can read what she wrote about the entries. They gave her a $100 store credit for placing.

Corey Cartano Corey (age 15 on July 3), son of of Geoffrey D. Cartano, made the A/B honor roll this last semester, played soccer (keeper), and swam on the High School team. He plays soccer at the classic level and swims on teams in the summer. Corey was asked to play on his High School tennis team next year.

Cousin John Bulman Family Cousin John:
Voted this year by the lawyers in Rhode Island as one of the top 10 attorneys in the State of Rhode Island. He was also selected as one of the top 10 super attorneys in Rhode Island the last two years. He was ranked as one of the Best Lawyers in America in the area of Construction Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. His many professional awards are listed at http://www.lmkbw.com/

4.0 GPA, Barrington High School, Rhode Island, age 16, 11th grade; two high school sports (basketball and volleyball). Evan was nominated by Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island to work as a page this fall in the U.S. Senate in Washington, D.C. Evan will work during the fall semester in the Senate, and also attend high school on a full-time basis during the morning.

Senior at Tufts University, majoring in civil engineering, Dean’s List, age 21.

B.S., Mathematics, University of Rhode Island, age 23, now working at a construction and engineering company as an estimator.
Geena 1. 3.9 GPA, first-quarter, at the University of Washington.

2. Received A's in all of her classes for the Fall Semester, sophomore year, University of Washington. She has a cumulative 3.8 GPA at the University of Washington.

3. Geena is an active member in her sorority at the University of Washington, and is on the Academic Executive Committee.

Jack 1. Received a 4.0 GPA at Sacred Heart School, 7th grade, for the second semester, March, 2010.

2. 3.9 GPA, Fall Semester, Eighth Grade, Sacred Heart School.

3. Jack had one of the highest scores in the nation on the ITBS basic skills and intelligence test for eighth graders. He tested at the 13+ grade level (freshman/sophomore in college) in all the basic subjects, including Reading, Mathematics, and Language.

4. Triple Crown Pasco Baseball Tournament 2010 - 1st Place Silver Bracket - 13U.

5. Jack's Bellevue Baseball Team 2010 - Top of National 13U League.

6. Selected to join the 2011 Bellevue Baseball Club U14 Select Team.

Jane Jane is working during the summer at Camp Susan Curtis as the art educator. The camp is in Maine's White Mountains on Trout Pond. She will work with visiting artists who will mentor disadvantaged high school students. Every two weeks, a new artist visits and a new subject is covered, such as photography and drawing.

Jill Cartano 1. Completed internship at Amazon, and is working towards a CPA at the University of Washington.

2. 3.8 GPA, Fall Semester, University of Washington, including a 3.9 in Management and a 3.8 in Computer Programming. She will be receive additional grades in January. Jill will graduate from the University of Washington in June with a degree in accounting.

Joe Cartano 1. Promoted to a new position at Microsoft, working in development.

2. Engaged to Chelsea J. Woodworth on Labor Day.

3. Received a 750 on the GMAT test for admission to MBA programs. This test score was in the top 1% of the nation. Joe just applied to the MBA programs at Harvard, Columbia and Wharton (University of Pennsylvania). Joe previously received an engineering degree at the University of Washington.

John 1. Science student of the month, December, 2009 Chinook 8th Grade.

2. 4.15 GPA, Fall Semester, Ninth Grade, Bellevue High School. John received four A’s and three A+ 's, including an A+ in Math.

3. John also plays on several soccer teams.

Julie 1. Julie worked at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center during the summer of 2010. It is the hospital associated with Dartmouth Medical School. Its website is:


2. 3.9 GPA, Fall Semester, University of Maine. Julie just graduated with a nursing degree from the University of Maine. She is now studying for her NCLEX-RN examination so that she can become a registered nurse throughout the United States. She just completed courses during the Fall Semester in Nursing Senior Internship, Community Health Clinical, Medical Surgical Nursing 3, Capstone Nursing, and Management for Nursing Administration. She plans to work for several years as a nurse, and then pursue a masters degree in clinical nursing.

Katie 1. 4.0 GPA, first semester, Bellevue High School (one A+)

2. 4.0 GPA, second semester (June 17, 2010), Bellevue High School (three A+)

3. Katie is the captain of the varsity softball team. She is also the starting point guard on the Bellevue High School varsity basketball team, and leads the team in shooting percentage, steals, blocks and assists.

4. BHS Girls Varsity Basketball - Second Place, Kingco 3A League

5. BHS Girls Varsity Basketball - Second Place, Kingco 3A Tournament

6. BHS Girl's Basketball: Winter Record: 9-3 conference and 14-8 overall

7. Selected for BHS Varsity Softball Team 2010

8. Selected by peers and coach as Captain as a sophomore - BHS Varsity Softball 2010

9. Katie made the "bellevue reporter.com" for top performers:


10. News Report, May 13, 2010:

KingCo Playoffs: Bellevue Secures Bid to Districts with Opening Round Win

The Bellevue Wolverines (#2 KingCo) defeated the Sammamish Totems (#5 KingCo) 19-2 to secure a spot in the SeaKing District Playoffs next week. This will be the 2nd consecutive year that Bellevue has made it to districts but right now their focus is on the KingCo Title. In order to reach the championship game and face Juanita (#1 KingCo), they will have to beat league playoff host, Mt. Si (#3 KingCo) on their home field. The two teams split during the regular season, each winning at home.

Bellevue did it with the sticks today as they accumulated 22 hits in 4 1/2 innings of play. The Bellevue Battery consisted of: Marika McCarthy (4-4, 3R RBI BB), Anjani Briggs (4-4, 2B 3 RBI), Kaitlyn Melby (2-2, 2R 2B 2 RBI), Kelly Meggs (3-4, 2R 3B), Katie Savard (2-4, 3R 4 RBI), Taylor Cooke (2-4, R 4 RBI), Lisa Bennett (2-4, R RBI), Jessica Yamura (1-2, RBI), Emily Fleischman (1-3, R), Corri McAllister (1-4, 3R 2 RBI).

10. Achieved Bellevue High School's Wolverine Guard Award 2009-2010 for completing a minimum of 100 hours of community service in one year.

11. Katie and the Bellevue Wolverines softball team went to the State Championship in May, 2010. This was only the 2nd time for the State Championship in BHS history and an over 20 year absence.

12. "Early Top Perfomer" - Fastpitch Softball 5/6/2010 BellevueReporter.com

13. "The Week's Top Performers" - Fastpitch Softball 5/21/2010 BellevueReporter.com

14. Seattle Times news report: Katie makes All-League Softball Second Team, KingCo 3A/2A Division


P Emily Fleischman, So., Bellevue; C Anjani Briggs, So., Bellevue; 1B Katie Savard, So., Bellevue; 1B Jessica Leach, Sr., Juanita; 2B Taylor Cooke, So., Bellevue; 3B Alexis Court, Sr., Liberty; SS Brooke Rychard, Sr., Juanita; SS Denise Blohowiak, So., Liberty; SS Maura Murphy, So., Mount Si; OF Rachel O'Neill, So., Juanita; OF Erin Scott, Fr., Interlake; OF Lisa Bennett, Jr., Bellevue; UT Stefanie Rabitoy, Sr., Interlake.

Seattle Times Link - scroll down for 3A

15. Katie's Bellevue Wolverines softball team placed third in State championship, May, 2010. Beat Enumclaw and Prairie.

Kyle Accepted a job at NetApp as an account manager with responsibility for Microsoft, selling data storage.

Sierra Cartano Sierra (age 12 on June 14), daughter of Geoffrey D. Cartano, got straight A's the entire school year except for a B in Math for the second quarter. She is an AG student at an AG school, Ligon MS in Raleigh. She plays soccer at the classic level and swims on teams in the summer.

Tyler 1. Moved into a new house in Bellevue with his wife, Tiffany.

2. Accepted a position as the account manager at Logicalis, selling technology solutions to customers in the Northwest area.