2010 News and Developments
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1/1/2010 E-mail from John Hoyt:

A wish that all your families have a Wonderful Sense of being part of a larger Family, and for all to get to know others of the larger family, by reading and looking at other family web pages and registers at 'our' Hoyt Family website. This usually is helped by young children doing genealogical or family history reports for their classes & schools, and this involves the parents, such as, John Marcelia, parents did a movie short, for his classmates & school, and has placed it on the website link:


Thanks to Helen (Cartano) Hewes and Margaret Cartano Marcelia! from the John G Hoyt's dau. Emily Hoyt marrying John T. Percival and moving out West by wagon train to WA state, and there daughter, Margaret VW Percival marrying a Daniel A. Cartano, to their son, John D. & Jane (Bronson) Cartano siblings.

Happy New Years!

John E. Hoyt,

Your Simon Hoyte Family Branch Historian
1/2/2010 E-mail from Lucy Cartano, the wife of Gary Cartano:

About Gary's visit with Dr. Nitahara on Friday:

Hi everyone, Well after the meeting with the Dr. he told us the cancer tumors that were removed are “aggressive” and will need treatment for at least 5 years. The best treatment (been around for 30 years) for the TA and T1 tumors is biological therapy using natural or lab made substances to help the body’s immune system be stimulated and fight the disease. (the TB strain, that’s right, tuberculosis) is found to be the most effective. They fill the inside of the bladder once a week for 6 weeks then wait and test him again. He will see the Dr. every 3 months then every 6 months if it works and then once a year for next 5 years. This is better than chemo and/or removing the bladder. So there you have it. Of course there are a lot more details but you don’t need that. Right now G is feeling good enjoying the football and parties and working on his music…etc…..All prayers and good wishes are most welcome and many thanks. Lucy and Gary

Gary’s email is gcartano@cox.net

Many thanks and have a Great Day!

Lucy Cartano, Mail Code 0172-B
Digital Arts Center (DAC) , Program Manager
858.622.5739 phone
858.882.8017 fax
4/8/2010 E-mail from Robert Cartano living in the Philippines:

Hi David, My name is Robert Cartano, I am living here in the Philippines. We might be somehow related because of our surname.

(+632) 916 2111297 (Cell)
(+632) 837 4998

Pictures of Robert Cartano on Facebook:
4/8/2010 E-mail from Lucy Cartano:

Thank you for your email, Sorry- I missed you. I will be out of the office Thursday April 8th.

My regular office schedule is M-T-W-TH, I'm not available on Fridays starting Oct. 2009. Please contact Connie for DAC, 858-622-5750 or cmcastro@ucsd.edu or student services at 858-882-8000.

Lucy Cartano Digital Arts Center (DAC) , Program Manager 858.622.5739 phone 858.882.8017 fax extension.ucsd.edu/dac dac@ucsd.edu
6/18/2010 E-mail from Geoffrey D. Cartano:


My daughter, Sierra (12 yo on June 14), got straight A's the entire school year except for a B in Math second quarter. She's an AG student at an AG school, Ligon MS in Raleigh. We think she will make a great lawyer some day.

My son, Corey ( 15 yo July 3), made the A/B honor roll this last semester and played soccer (keeper) and swam on the HS teams.

Both kids play soccer at the classic level and swim on teams in the summer. Corey was asked to play on his HS tennis team next year. Too much to do, too little time.

Geoff Cartano

Geoffrey D. Cartano
USGS-Raleigh, NC.
(919) 571-4064
7/28/2010 e-mail from Julie Cartano Rourke regarding Helene Cartano Marcelia:

Helene’s party was the party of all parties…the topper!! She had almost 100 people. There were boys John-John’s age in boats, on the slide, in the water, on the “fun island,” playing soccer & frisbee on Joan’s lawn, parents drinking wine, Brazilian soccer coaches singing and playing the guitar by the fire after dark…totally amazing. I took pictures and I’ll try to get them downloaded today. We were thinking that next year we should rent the tent, tables and chairs and then we can all have back-to-back parties and split the cost of the rental. The weather was just absolutely perfect. I never even put a sweater on after dark. 2 people slipped on the steps at my party but no one at Helene’s party did. They were more physically fit, I guess. Every family brought a flank steak and a side dish at Helene’s party versus all the food cooked by me at my party…Helene’s “format” was certainly a better way to go in terms of workload on the hosts. The cleanup is so much easier because everyone takes the dirty dishes home! Geena and her friend Andrea helped me “cater” for my party and helped Jeff park the cars for the soccer party. Geena said they were able to park about 18 cars on the property. Wish you had been here!!!!!
9/6/2010 E-mail from David Cartano


1. Joe Cartano just got engaged to Chelsea!!!! Congratulations to both of them.

2. Gary Cartano is leaving for Cedar Rapids this Friday and staying for two weeks with his sister, Shirley. His other sister who lives in Nebraska, Joann, will be driving over with her son Craig. Gary sent the attached pictures of the Cartano family members from the “Honest” John Cartano side of the family. The names of these family members are:

(a) Guy. Guy Cartano was “Honest" John's only child.

(b) and (c). Alice1 and Nona: Alice Cartano was Guy's only wife. The family called her Nona (Italian for Grandmother). She worked at this "Dime-store" in Anamosa.

(d) Joe, Bill, and Bob: Joseph Cartano changed his last name to Nelson. Bill Cartano's name was Wilfred. He changed it to William so everyone called him Bill (Gary Cartano’s Dad). Robert was always Bob.

(e). John 1: "Honest" John Cartano (Back row-Far left) on "Original Family" Photo.

3. Cousin Pat and her husband, Mark Trueblood, visited me in Los Angeles last Saturday. They invited me to Spagos, which is one of the finest restaurants in Beverly Hills. It was delicious. They were visiting the museums in Los Angeles and will be traveling to San Diego, Santa Barbara, and other places in California.

Cousin Pat filled me in on the details of the Bulman family visit to the Cartano family house during the summer of 1957. She and Mark also have the film of their one-month trip to our house. They will be converting the film to a digital video disc and sending that to me by Christmas. I will make copies for anyone who wants a copy. Just let me know before Christmas if you want a copy.

Cousin Pat works as the Administrative Director of the Winer Observatory. Her husband also works there in astronomy. You can learn all of the details of their work at www.winer.org.

Pat and Mark had many interesting stories to tell about the families. One of the most interesting stories concerns Margaret Cartano, and the reasons for her hissy fits. These can be traced back to the time when Margaret was just a little baby. When Mom and Dad took us to Europe on vacation many years ago, they decided to take only the five older children with them. They left Margaret behind since she was only a one year old baby. We dropped Margaret off with Aunt Louise and Uncle Jack in Baltimore. Grandmother Florence Bronson also stayed at their house during that summer. According to Cousin Pat, even though Margaret was just a little baby, she could sense that she had been dumped off by her mother into a strange family, and was not very happy about it. In order to protest, she threw up in her crib after each meal. This continued for some time. As a last resort, Aunt Louise decided to let Margaret just stay in her crib with all the throw-up. This worked. After a day and a half, Margaret could see that she was fighting a losing battle and gave up. She behaved for the rest of the vacation. But she didn’t forget. When the Cartano family returned from the six week vacation in Europe, they flew into the Baltimore Friendship Airport to pick up Margaret. Aunt Louise carried Margaret to Mother. As soon as Margaret saw Mother, she lashed out at Mother with one of the biggest hissy fits ever. This was something that the Bulman family never forgot. So now we all know.

Cousin Pat and Mark will be coming to visit us at the Cartano compound during the next three or four years. They would like to go hiking with us in the Olympic National Rain Forest. We can show them all the good hiking trails.

David J. Cartano
532 South Norton Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90020
213-384-6494 oh at the
9/6/2010 E-mail from Helene Cartano regarding the engagement of Joe Cartano to Chelsea J. Woodworth:

Saw Chelsea at work today. Big Rock!!! 6 or so weeks ago when Chelsea broke her arm, her parents came to visit. Joe asked her father if he could marry her. She guessed what was going on even though Joe said nothing to her. Then on Labor Day, he popped the question at Golden Gardens with a fake diamond ring. She said yes. What a surprise. Not. They went out immediately and she picked out a big diamond ring- a real one. She is booking the place today.

9/25/2010 E-mail from Gary Cartano:

Hi David,

I just got back from Cedar Rapids this week-end. Had a great visit with my family and will have a new addition to the tree for you as soon as I gather all the particulars on her.

I wanted to ask you a question about the tree: Julie Rourke sent me a CD with the family tree on it as of 11-07-07 but it was in a future version of the family tree program that I have which is 2006. While I was in C.R. I had a chance to pull it up on Curt Veenstra's (Great Nephew) laptop and noticed some information on Jake Cartano (Son of Anton). My question is: Do you have any detailed information on Jake that you could forward to me to read? I seem to have a personal interest in him and would like to know more about him and his family. It would be on that disc that Julie sent. Where did all this information about him come from and who do I contact to ask more questions? It would be on that CD. I should go get a newer version but didn't want to spend the money just yet.

Good Job on getting this all together for the family.
Thanks for your help.

10/6/2010 E-mail from Cousin Pat Bulman:

Hi David,

Today I mailed first class to you a box with seven DVDs in it.

Several things you should keep in mind:

There is no sound.

These are copies of copies and thus what you see is very grainy. My dad used I believe an 8mm movie camera in the 1950's. His children had all the reels copied on to VHS tapes in the early 1980's. I think one of the kids had the VHS copied on to DVD a few years ago and then distributed copies to all the kids. Cousin who So what you have is copied from my DVD copy. I don't know what happened to the original reels. Probably got tossed.

The first scene is of my Uncle Jim Bulman's fishing boat in Rhode Island. The recording service wanted to be sure the copying started with us getting on the airplane in Washington, DC, so there was a bit of overlap.

So I hope you and your family have some good laughs over it!!

love pat
11/9/2010 E-mail from Cousin John Bulman to Joan Cartano Savard:


I hope the fall is proceeding well. I loved the pictures of Olympic. Alison and I hiked for a day down at Quinault Lake a while back. I enclose a picture of Evan, hamming it up down in Washington D.C. He is having a blast working as a Senate page.

I did want to again thank you, Steve, Katie and Jack for your hospitality on our trip. I hope we can return the favor when you come east. Tell Steve that Rhode Island Country Club is a good track.