2009 News and Developments
Date News and Developments
1/1/2009 Jack Savard, David Cartano's godson, received a 4.0 GPA at Sacred Heart School.
4/20/2009 The following article was published on the front page of the Bellevue Reporter on April 14, 2009 regarding Geena (Helene Cartano Marcelia's daughter):

Local AAUW branch recognizes 13 students

Apr 14 2009, 11:30 AM • UPDATED

Thirteen Bellevue-area students were honored April 22 at a reception sponsored by the Lake Washington Branch of the American Association of University Women as a part of the AAUW Scholar Recognition Program. The goal of the Scholar Recognition Program is to encourage young women to pursue careers involving mathematics, science, or technology.

Each young woman was selected by her school for her outstanding performance in math, science, or technology. Each was given a Certificate of Excellence, a scholar pin, and a bouquet of flowers. The speaker at this event was Dr. Julie Kientz, Assistant Professor, University of Washington, Department of Technical Communication and The Information School.

The outstanding scholars from the Bellevue area recognized were:

Mathematics Scholars: Emilie Gilbert, Bellevue HS; Misbah Uraizee, Sammamish HS; Andi Vancil, Interlake HS; and Danning Zhao, Newport HS

Science Scholars: Nayda Ali, Sammamish HS; Natanya Auberbach, Interlake HS; Rachel Li Jiang, Newport HS; Geena Marcelia, Bellevue HS; and Kelly Trsek, International School

Technology Scholars: Danita Gill, Sammamish HS; Stephanie Hodges, Interlake HS; Molly Zellweger Mackinlay, Bellevue HS; and Lily Shay, Newport HS.
5/28/2009 Robert McEnulty, rmcenulty1@austin.rr.com, states that he believes that Ivan James Cartana is really Ivan James Cartano, and provided the following information regarding Ivan:

Data from 1920 Colorado Census index. On November 24, 1936, when Ivan enrolled in Social Security, he was living in Arvada Colorado and was employed by The Stites Comerical Oil Co,732 West 43rd Ave Denver Colorado. Ivan's parents were Charles Cartana and Elizabeth Kavanaugh. This data taken from his Social Security enrollment application.

Ivan was married to Ota Mae Breeding prior to his marriage to Helen Burns.

Ivan's family moved from Linn County Iowa to Denver between 1900 and 1910 and are listed as Chas Carteno family in Denver 7th ward 1910 census. They were Chas, Elizabeth, Lillian, Ivan, and Frank. Charles,Elizabeth and Frank were back in Linn County as Cartana in the 1920 census. I speculate that Lillian married in Colorado before the family went back to Linn county. Ivan must have returned with the family to Iowa and joined the army from Iowa when WW1 broke out. He may have married Ota Mae about 1918-19 in Oklahoma while still in the army. In 1920, he was living in Denver with his brother in law Harry Rupp and his sister Lillian Rupp. He declared himself as single in the 1920 Denver census. Ota Mae was living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, working as a stenographer and declaring herself single in the Tulsa 1920 census. So there is uncertainy as to when they married. Anyway they were both claiming divorced in the 1930 Colorado Census.
6/26/2009 Geena graduated from Bellevue High School. She received an award for her perfect 4.0 grade point average!
7/14/2009 E-mail from Gary Cartano to David Cartano:

David, FYI:

I guess you can throw my daughter Wendy Lucille Cartano Reymer into the mix with a GPA of only 3.8 from Long Beach State. Didn't know you required this on the family tree.

She isn't a Doctor or Lawyer (with only 3.8), but pretty high for the "Honest" John leg of the tree. She taught Math at a couple of schools in Long Beach then moved to Indianapolis, where she and her husband, Jeremy Reymer, have a business called Driving Ambitions. Placing semi-truck drivers into company trucks, on contract to the different companies in the mid-west, for shipping their products around the country. It saves companies a lot of money by not paying drivers to sit around till their trucks are loaded or when they have no products to be delivered at all, and also D.A. employee a lot of drivers and keep them busy moving products for companies that do. A very unique, efficient, and profitable business.

If you are going to get into grade averages as it relates to "best jobs" (according to Robert J.); I would be interested in those who would like to tell about their jobs/occupations/hobbies they have had during their life, retired or currently working.

Being only a lowly high school graduate from Cedar Rapids, Iowa and serving 4 years in the Marine Corp. I also took many courses in Drafting and Design from colleges all over. Math at U of Hawaii in Honolulu, Computer drafting from UCSD and SDSU in San Diego, getting a Private and Commercial flying license (instrument rated) at Long Beach Airport, working in the model shop of Northrop in Pico Rivera for 5 years on the wind tunnel testing and building of the B-2 Stealth Bomber. Also working many "self-employed" jobs I created myself: Cars by Cartano in Santa Fe Springs, CA in the 80's. and Cartano Drafting and Design for the last 20 years in San Diego County.

As for hobbies I have always loved to build models, but my one true love was singing. For the past 45 years 1964 to today, I have sung with Barbershop choruses and quartets from all over the country. My greatest achievement being; winning the gold medal in the 1990 International Chorus competition in San Francisco with the Masters of Harmony from Santa Fe Springs. We had 110 men on stage in the Cow Palace that year. It was unforgettable, along with many of the other moments I cherish from my 67 years of LIFE. I have cut trees, rebuilt houses and cars, landscaped, and worked in warehouses.

I can only think of one thing I would trade it all for and money has nothing to do with it. I would loved to have been a Marine jet fighter pilot. It almost happened once in the Marines, but I wore glasses and at the time, they wouldn't let me, for that reason, even though I passed all the tests to get into the "Cadet program". I was heartbroken. At 18, that was what I wanted to do more than anything else with my life. It wasn't to be.

I live retire on SS with my wife Lucy (who is still working at UCSD), in a "Manufactured Home" in a trailer park called Rancho Escondido (two club houses and two swimming pools) in Escondido, CA (trailer trash). I have an SUV, but I love running around the freeways on my motorcycle. Lucy drives a Prius. We both still sing with our choruses and quartets.

Well their you have it. Please have the other CARTANOS send me a brief synopsis of their lives. I would love reading them. I feel that although I never had much money in the bank but always paid my bills, I lived a very full life.

Just coasting now and trying to stay healthy.

Gary Cartano
7/14/2009 E-mail from Margaret Cartano to David Cartano:

I am in the nest right now and everything looks wonderful. I went to exercise class with Julie last night and then had the most delicious dinner ever. Geena found the recipes in Gourmet. She made a delicious grilled turkey with onions and a tahini sauce over grilled pita bread. We then had tri-berry cobbler. Julie is making grilled basil chicken on the beach tonight and I am going to ride my bike to the blueberry farm stand to get fresh vegetables and blueberries if they are out yet. It might be too early for blueberries. We are going to Remlingers to get raspberries later in the week. You should come up for the summer. This is a blast and very relaxed. I do whatever I want.

7/14/2009 E-mail from Geoffrey Cartano to Gary Cartano on July 14, 2009:

My name is Geoff Cartano and I live in Raleigh, NC. I am on the California Cartano email distribution list and I read your email this AM. I was especially interested in you being a 'high school graduate from Cedar Rapids'. My dad, Dave Cartano, residing Fla. and NC, born 1935, was raised on a farm outside of Cedar Rapids and I wonder if you know him. The family stories he tells sometimes mention 'Honest' John (my great, great uncle). My grandfather was Wilbur and he was married to Blanche.

I saw your request on others and their lives so here's my brief one. I grew up in Miami where I swam competitively for 14 yrs and player water polo for 9 years and headed back to the Midwest for college (Knox College, Galesburg, Il.). I received a BS in Geology in 1984. I returned to Miami after college and bopped around for a few years as a cook/chef in the restaurant industry. One day in 1988, I opened the White Pages and called the USGS office in Miami. They invited me in for an interview and I was hired on immediately. Since then I have been with the USGS, Water Resources Division in Miami, Orlando and now Raleigh. I plan to stay on with the USGS until I retire which will be in approximately 14 years.

Unfortunately I know very little of the California Cartano's, except for my uncle Dick in Sacramento. That why I stay on David Cartano's distribution list, I enjoy the exchange of emails that occasionally occur.

Geoffrey D. Cartano
USGS-Raleigh, NC.
(919) 571-4064
7/15/2009 E-mail from Gary Cartano to Geoff Cartano:

Hi Geoff,

I received your e-mail from David. I didn't know Wilber and Blanche but my parents spoke of them once in a while. I will ask my two sisters. Shirley is 10 years older than I and still lives in C.R. Joann is 13 1/2 years older and lives in Grand Island, Nebraska. They may have know Dave, and Wilber and Blanche. I think I received a letter once from Blanche in Florida. I will try to find it with my stuff and send a copy to you. How old are you? You must be the next generation back. If I am 67 you must be 20 years younger or 46 or 47.
Good to hear from you. Here is my e-mail. You can write me direct.
7/16/2009 E-mail from Geoff Cartano to Julie Cartano Rourke:


Thanks for the email. I had heard of your visit in Iowa. My parents are no longer in Okoboji. They are now in the NC mountains approximately 1/2 hour south of Boone. It's a great place with excellent weather and lots of tennis. Actually, a lot of their friends from Vero Beach live up in this area for the summer months. I sent them your email to me this AM.

I am 47. My wife, Liz and I have two kids Corey, 14 and Sierra, 11. Both play soccer but love to play other sports as well. It seems to keep us very busy. We are heading to my parents this weekend as the kids are going to a wilderness camp in Tenn. for a week. No electrics. Hiking and tent camping only. They will do some white water rafting, rock climbing, caving, etc.. Wish I could go.

As I wrote to your father, we live in Raleigh and have been here for eighteen years. Its a great place to live but like everywhere, it seems to be getting a little crowded.

As a kid, we spent a lot of time with Blanche. She would give us a lot of info about the Cartano genealogy. She had everything written down. I'm not sure who has all of her information but I'm sure it's still around. I need to follow up on that. When she spoke of your side of the family, she would call you the 'Washington Cartanos'.

I think I got on David's email distribution list because of my email of gcartano, just like your dad's. Sometimes there is some interesting exchanges so I never did get off his list. And so here we are.

Thanks for relating all the information about your family. It's always interesting to hear about the Cartanos. If you happen to get out to the east coast, especially NC please let us know. We would love to meet you one day!


Geoffrey D. Cartano
USGS-Raleigh, NC.
(919) 571-4064
7/26/2009 hi my name is francesca...i found your adress email on internet!sorry if i disturb you..i want ask to you if you know someone that name is raffaele cartano...because this person as american origin..but i was adopted when he was children from an italian family!now he live a naples and he want to fuound him origine..please if you know something contct me!thank.

7/1/2009 Facebook message from Margaret Chobanian to David Cartano:

Your picture definitely looked very Cartano! My mom, Martha Fletcher Lynch, my sister and I were hoping to find you on facebook. My sister's youngest son has Cartano looks. I'm glad we've connected now.
9/1/2009 The final grades for the summer quarter have just been posted on Cartano Internet home page. The only one taking classes this summer was Julie. She once again received a 4.0 GPA in her nursing classes. She also worked during the summer as a CNA (certified nursing assistant) at Barron Center in Portland, Maine. Julie will be graduating in nursing from the University of Maine at Orno in December of next year. She plans to get her masters degree in nursing and then possibly teach clinical nursing.

Jane will also be graduating with high grades from University of Maine at Orno. This is her last semester. She will be receiving her degree in business in December 2009. Jane then plans to become an artist, live on the coast of Maine, and never get married. Good choices, Jane.
3/26/2009 E-mail from Cousin Suzie Hill:

Hi David,

My Todos Santos is the one near La Paz, but it is actually 9 kilometers from El Pescadero, where I live. There is also a Punta Pescadero on the other side of the baja Pennisula...my little pueblo is El Pescadero.

Regards, Suzie
9/6/2009 E-mail from David Cartano:

Good news, everyone.

Firefighters in Los Angeles are starting to get one of the worst fires in Los Angeles history under control. There was no threat to my house. It was a real health problem because there was so much soot in the air. It was hard to breathe for a few days last week. The moon changed color from white yellow to dark orange because of the smoke in the air.

Hurricane Jimena passed through the Baja Peninsula in Mexico, but there was no damage to Cousin Suzie's house. They only got some much needed rain and some blustery days. The middle of the Baja Peninsula is what got the direct hit, and they had some big problems. There were over 100 houses gone. Bridges and parts of the highway were destroyed.

9/21/2009 Helene Cartano Marcelia's daughter, Geena, went through rush at the University of Washington, and ended up joining Jane Cartano's sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha
9/27/2009 Margaret Cartano Hewes is age 50 on September 28, 2009.
David Cartano is age 60 on November 6, 2009.
Mike Bulman turns 60 on April 6, 2010
Julie Cartano Rourke turned 60 in October 2009.
John E. Bulman turned age 50 in 2008.
11/3/2009 Our cousin John Bulman just made the list of the top ten super lawyers in the state of Rhode Island.
11/13/2009 E-mail from David Cartano:

I just had breakfast this morning with our cousin, John Bulman. He is in Los Angeles today to give a course seminar on arbitration. He is one of the members of the board of directors of the American Arbitration Association in New England.

John will be celebrating his 30th wedding anniversary with his wife, Kathryn, this next June 7. Kathryn works with autistic kids in the Barrington School District in Rhode Island.

John has three children, two girls and a boy. The oldest is Kimberly who is 22 years old. She just graduated in mathematics from the University of Rhode Island, and is now working as an estimator with a construction company.

Their daughter Allison is just turning 21 years old. She is a junior at Tufts University where she is majoring in civil engineering. She also plays rugby at the school.

Their youngest child is Evan who is 15 years old. He is a sophomore at Barrington High School, and is also interested in the sciences and mathematics. He is in the accelerated math program at the high school. Each year, he comes to Colorado with his father for flyfishing and golfing. John has nine handicap in golf.
12/7/2009 From: Alicia Lydick [mailto:leeshabloom@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, December 07, 2009 12:13 PM
To: marceliagrp@comcast.net; s.savard@comcast.net; doglover1531@hotmail.com; mcartano@aol.com; rourke2@comcast.net
Subject: Surprise!

We are excited to share our happy Thanksgiving/ merry Christmas surprise! We get to add another little family member to our home this next summer! :) My due date is July 1, but since I have to have a c-section it will be a week earlier in June. We're so excited! I can't wait to know if Mark will have a brother or sister. I'm not suffering too bad. I have some morning (or all-day) sickness, but I can still function. We're so excited, a whole new little baby to join our family! I was excited to tell you too and am really looking forward to being together this Christmas!! I send you hugs and will see you soon.
With love, Alicia

p.s. I think Mark is going to love being a big brother. He loves babies! :)
12/8/2009 Julie Hewes survives cancer. The documentary is at:


That is a link to a documentary Sami Danis and another girl from my sorority did about Julie Hewes for a film class.