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12/29/2007 E-mail from Nellie Hill to David Cartano:


I am trying to locate Jane's sister, Louise Bronson (Bulman) or members of her family. If you have any information that would help me locate them it would mean so much to me.

Thank You

Nellie Hill
1/5/2008 E-mail from John Bulman to David Cartano:


Greetings from one of your long lost cousins of the east coast variety. The Bulman side of the family is trying to reconstruct some of your Aunt Louise's doings in Seattle. We thought maybe you or one of your sibs might have the memories we lack. We were trying to figure out:

When did Louise move up to Seattle from Las Cruces? Was it 1946 or 1945 and what month? We know she was in Las Cruces by December 1946, but the prior year is hazy at best.

When did your folks introduce her to Jack?

Did she work as a nurse in Seattle?

Did she live with Jane when she was there?

Any details would be welcome!

On other notes, I spend more than half of my life as a neutral in various states either prodding parties (mediation) or solving problems (arbitration). Interesting stuff.

I have kind of lost track of Margaret -- we visited her a few times in Maine years back, but she hasn't been inclined to come south to RI. I heard a rumor that Rich is now heading up (or at least high up in) the Maine DOT.

I hope things are going well for you. You clearly are making good use of your dictation equipment!

Regards and Happy New Year!

1/6/2008 E-mail from David Cartano to John Bulman

I have forwarded this e-mail to my siblings, since I do not know any of the details regarding Aunt Louise.

Margaret and Rich are still living in the same house in Portland, Maine. Riches commute to northern Maine each day to work at the Maine Department of Transportation.

We were all very happy to get the attached picture of Aunt Louise from your side of the family. The picture of our mother at the same age is also attached.

David Cartano
3/19/2008 E-mail from Suzie Hill to David Cartano:

Hello David!

I have had a lot of varied experiences in my life, but I think this one tops them all! Last night I got an e-mail from Richard Hewes, husband of Margaret Cartano, living in Maine. I have hardly had time to adjust to six new siblings and now here are the cousins!! Of course I knew about all of you from my internet seach and the information I found about Jane on the Cartano Website.

Although when I wrote my "history" I did not know it would go any farther than the Bulman siblings, I am so glad Pat sent it to you. And yes, it is okay that you posted it. The cat is out of the bag now and no going back....and why would I want to. This is getting so very exiciting!!!

Thank you so much for your invitation. This summer, some of the Bulman's are coming here, and also my daughter and grandkids, but I have put my desire to meet everyone out to the cosmos....so hoping it will happen in the not too distant future.

Living in LA, you are very close by really......many people enjoy Cabo San Lucas and Cabo San Jose as vacation destinations. I live north of there, on the Pacific side in a small rustic pueblo (has grown considerably since I arrived), and we are about equal driving time from the San Jose del Cabo airport and the La Paz airport the other direction. Mi Casa es Su Casa (my house is your house). Why not bring one of those beautiful girlfriends for a romantic weekend and include Adam and me in the adventure?

And muchas gracias for the welcome!!! I knew this adventure could well go the other direction, hoped I had prepared myself for that possibility, but....So, my heart is almost bursting with joy over what had been such a positive response from all.


3/19/2008 E-mail from Julie Cartano Rourke:

Our cousin Pat Bulman Trueblood has forwarded the attached document from her new-found sister, Suzanne (Suzie) Hill. Suzie gives an account of her life. She grew up in Paulsbo, Washington!


Hello everyone,

I have been reviewing e-mails sent to and received from the Bulman clan and see that I have told some of you a bit about myself, but nothing organized. I am going to try to write of a history of my life and will send it to everyone.

I am very good at remembering events, happenings and feelings that corresponded to those, but I am not so good with dates and time lines, so please keep that in mind.

I was born October 24, 1946 in Maynard hospital in Seattle, Washington. I was adopted within days of my birth (not sure how many) by Fred and Marvel Hill from Poulsbo, Washington, a small town across Puget Sound from Seattle.

The story goes that Marvel was in the hospital for a hysterectomy. She had given birth to five children and was advised against having more for health reasons. She was recovering well from the surgery, but was very depressed over her inability to have more children. She had two girls and three boys and wanted three of each. Her doctor showed up at her bedside with me in his arms and told her to take “this” home….the fact of which she presented to Fred on his next visit.

Since Marvel was still going to be in the hospital for several weeks, her mother, Bernice Schonewald took me to Poulsbo the next day.

So, I arrived as the youngest, if unexpected, sister to Nancy Jean, Mary Joanne Frederick Dittermore (Bunker), Peter Joseph, and James Frank. On various occasions during my childhood I remember being referred to as “the hysterectomony kid,” probably by my siblings. We also were divided into the three big kids and the three little kids.

I was only referred to in public as an adopted child once in my life, a story I think I have shared with all of you by now.

Also in the household at that time was a young Indian woman, Margaret, from a nearby reservation who helped my mother. She supposedly threw up her hands at my arrival and moved back to the reservation, but continued to come in on a daily basis. She was a part of my childhood right up to my leaving for college and a big influence on me. I saw her last when she was 85.

In the year of my birth, Fred started a ready-mix concrete company across the road from our house. Prior to that time, he worked at a hardware store as an accountant in Seattle and took a small foot ferry to cross the sound every day.

Sand and gravel piles, mixer trucks and the batch plants were part of our “toys” as children. Our house was right on the water, Dog Fish Bay. The materials for the concrete plant came in by barge and tugboat from Seattle. The tugboats dug deep holes with their props while maneuvering the barges to the dock, and we spent many hours at low tide swimming in the little lakes that were created…much warmer than the sound water at high tide.

Young childhood in general consisted of swimming, “sleeping out,” bike riding, baseball (I didn’t play third base, I WAS third base!), almost exclusively outdoor activities. We were surrounded by acres of woods, our house being about two miles outside of Poulsbo, so we had tree houses, rope swings over the water, volley ball, badminton court, roller skates, basketball court, huge swings. If we were found in the house during daylight hours, the reason had to be clear.

Fred had a love of the water and boats, so all of his free time was spent on the water in one or another of a series of boats, the last being a 55 ft. Monk Design. Many trips to the San Juan Islands and all of Puget Sound, my last being the summer of graduating from high school, taking the inside passage of Vancouver Island up to Juneau, Alaska, a trip of 2 months.

Marvel’s passion was gardening. When she wasn’t cooking cleaning and washing for nine people, she was working in her gardens. I believe that was the one activity where I had Marvel all to myself as no one else had much interest. I spent many hours pulling weeds, learning which was which, tying up sweet peas the full length of the badminton court. My bedroom window was on that side of the house, and when they were in full bloom, it was like sleeping in a perfume quilt. Gardening is still my favorite activity and I noted just the other night that the night blooming jasmine I have here fills my house much the same

We had Pepper, a black cocker for most of my childhood…..very hard on everyone, even Fred, when she died of old age. Also various cats, pet snakes, frogs, seagulls, and too many more to mention. Marvel had bird feeders on all the patios and fed them mostly peanut butter, at times the chickadees eating out of hand.

We went to school by bus, Poulsbo Elementary, North Kitsap Jr. and Sr. High, known as the Vikings. The second language offered at North Kitsap was Norwegian. Poulsbo had it start as a Norwegian fishing village.

I became aware of my adopted position when I was about 5 years old. I was watching an afternoon movie with Marvel while she did the ironing. The story was about an adopted girl and I asked what that meant. Marvel said I was adopted and went on to explain that I was special because of all the babies in the hospital they got to pick me. I remember waiting at the door for my brothers to get home form school so I could tell them. In snotty little sister fashion I announced, “Ha Ha Ha, they picked me, but they had to take you!!!!! To which they replied with no hesitation, that yes, that was true, but they could not take them back no matter what…and if I crossed the line one too many times, I was history! I, of course had not considered that aspect, and I believed it to be fact for many years!!

When I was a bit older and asked about my biological parents, I was told that my mother died in childbirth and my father died in the war, an explanation that did not ring true even then.

Religion was not a big factor in our lives, except for one period, when we attended St Barnabas Episcopal Church, where we were all baptized and then later confirmed. The confirmation service was very formal and the bishop was there, sitting in a huge carved chair with velvet robes and a grand crown. One by one we were to approach him, be blessed and he would tell us each something very important. I was charged up with anticipation, knowing that at long last I would know whatever everyone around me already knew. My turn came, I was blessed and this bigger than life Bishop leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Suzanne, remember always, cleanlinest is next to Godliness. I guess that wasn’t what I was looking for as interest in church took a dive to oblivion at that point. At a later point in my adult life, I decided to see for myself what the Bible had to say, spent two years two nights a week studying, comparing the original Hebrew and Greek etc. etc. and came away with only the knowledge that the God described within those pages was much too small for my needs!

Time went on and it was time to consider college. I wanted to go to the University of Washington (where my older brothers went) and study psychology. I was very heavy at the time and Fred told me I was not marriage material, so I would have to earn my own living and the only way to do that was to be a bookkeeper or secretary. So off to Central Washington State College. That didn’t work out too well, so I accepted the first proposal of marriage I received, and was married at age 18.

My one and only child, Nellie Sue, was born right after I turned 20. At that time we were buying a house, were part of a family business (Brass and Bronze foundry), had our wills made, had life insurance and all the right stuff. Then the day came when a salesman showed up on the porch trying to sell us funeral plots and that was just a bit much…..at age 20 it looked like there was nothing left except for daily grind with the occasional weekend off. Chance meeting with old time friend living in San Francisco and it was off to Haight Ashbury and all that flower child love….communal living and many psychodelic experiences.

At some point, and my memory is vague as to timing, it was a return to Washington and back into the bosom of the family….not mine …his and not a choice of my making.

So over the next years:

going to vocational school to learn, you guessed it, bookkeeping! And then working in the foundry in that capacity,

buying a railroad caboose and property for weekends and vacations,

trying to be a normal “straight” family and strive for the American Dream, somewhat successfully insomuch as we were driving Corvettes, had a waterfront home, were members of Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce and all that. That endeavor lasted until Nellie was around 16.

But I guess the die was cast for me while in San Francisco. I just couldn’t believe that was all there was to life so it was off to the Long Beach Peninsula in southwest Washington, the corner of the Columbia River and the Pacific ocean…bought a narrow gauge railroad car and turned it into a sandwich shop specializing in foot long hot dogs, and at other times working as a housekeeper in a nursing home, working in the Oyster plant, shucking, working in the fish store cleaning crab, etc.

Nellie was actually living in the railroad car when Beverley was born, us coming home from the hospital in Seaside Oregon across the river to a frozen train, even the toilet water, and only a small wood burning stove for heat!!! It was at Seaside Community College where Nellie obtained her GED after Beverley was born.

After a couple of years there, my marriage of 23 years ended and another chapter (I have left several out, the juciest ones!) was to begin.

I met Adam on the Pennisula, his marriage of ten years having ended about a year before….Both of us being in a pretty deep funk at the time….Another chance encounter with a friend who was on his way to Mexico to find good kayak adventure spots, who made the observation that if we didn’t get up and get moving, it wasn’t going to be good, invited us to join him, we of course refused. . . until the next morning when we thought “why not” an old blues song has a line that goes “Anywhere I am going is better than anyplace I’ve been”…..so I gave Nellie everything I owned that she wanted, sold the rest in one lump to a second hand store, and off to the sunny south!!

We lost our friend after 3 days into the trip and did not see him again until 3 years later!!
Our van died in El Pescadero and we have been here ever since. We have worked in the local fields with our neighbors. Adam has done many handyman jobs, I cleaned houses for Americans living in the next town, Todos Santos. We lived on a large agriculture farm north of here for a few months. Adam finished a house for the owners with my helping as go for and cleaner. That was an experience!! Most of the workers were from Oayaxca and spoke only their dialect with a smattering of Spanish, us at that time with the same smattering and communication was a challenge to say the least! Generally, they are very small people, and Adam is over six feet tall and I wear size 10 shoes. We were giants in their eyes.

Nellie followed us south and she and Beverley lived here with us for about four years. Beverley went to kindergarten here, was fluent in both languages, and was the blond blue-eyed angel of the pueblo. Her heart was always here and she had intended to return here to live. None of us, as you can imagine, will ever be reconciled to her absence.

An opportunity to work in real estate came up, and so I did that for a few years. A good way to make serious money for sure, but I found I did not enjoy being part of the decision making process. I talked more people out of buying than into buying.

So I went off on my own offering services to people who bought without the help of real estate people. They come to my office with their decisions already made and I do the necessary paperwork for them and explain titling options to them. Not as much money by a long shot, but I am more comfortable with it.

Adam and I became Mexican citizens a few years ago, and work opportunities became open-ended , without the need of a “green card.” Adam has since evolved into a solar system installer, plumber, electrician etc. He is known as the “solar guy with the Jimi Hendrix T.shirts! He is regarded very highly by his customers, and with no advertising of any kind he has more than enough work. Adam is a very kind, gentle person, thought of in our little town as “muy Mexicana” (very Mexican). He has been the joy of my life and it only gets better.

When Adam is not working, he is working on our house. We bought a three room concrete block structure with no water, no electricity, dirt floors, black carton roof for $2000 usd. Over the years he has created a wonderful environment for us. . .we now have all the services, tile floors and have expanded to six rooms, all very civilized so don’t worry about what you might be walking into. Probably a little rustic still but very comfortable.

Well that pretty much takes us up to the present. I have not said much about Nellie and her sons, Nicholas Paul and Christopher Adam, but at age 41 I think she should tell her own story.

This has been quite an experience, writing all this down. I don’t think I have ever attempted to re-live or define my life story before!! What memories I have awaken!!

Sister Suzie
3/20/2008 E-mail from Julie Cartano Rourke:

Teresa called me Sunday with the astounding announcement that we have another cousin, Susie Hill. Everyone would really like to have the opportunity to meet her and/or her daughter & family in Tacoma. Our whole gang will be gathering at the family house in July, and we would like to invite them to a welcome-to-the-family barbeque at the beach on July 19th, if that seems appropriate. Teresa is welcome to come up and stay at the house that weekend if she would like. Please pass this email on to Teresa to see what she thinks. (I know she's out of the country for awhile). I have her work email, but I didn't know if she prefers us to use a personal address instead.

We all had so many questions and most of all, how did they keep this secret and what part did my parents play in it? Did Florence and Dave know? How could Louise have been at Jane & John's wedding just 6 days after the baby's birth? And so forth. I have pulled out John's diaries and the wedding scrapbook to look for clues. I thought you might be interested in the following information.

The 2 diaries of John Cartano that I have are as follows:

Diary #1: handwritten (probably original version) – May 16, 1946 (the day after John met Jane) to June 21, 1946 (just before she returned from Las Cruces). It is in the form of sheets of loose stationary paper stapled into a red 1947 day planner book, after which the pages are left blank.

Diary #2: typewritten transcription, located in the wedding scrapbook – May 15, 1946 to Sept. 15, 1947.

The significant aspect of these diaries is that Dad made entries almost every day, and listed in detail where he went and whom he saw, and even what he ate. He was pretty thorough! Diary #2 seems to be transcribed from #1. Diary #1 stops with an entry on June 21, 1946.

Interestingly, there is no mention of Jack Bulman anywhere in either diary until July 20, 1946 in the #2 transcribed version.

Louise is often included when John takes Jane and her roommates Mabel Mulliken and Marie Hicks to dinner, but she is not described as being one of the roommates. John refers to Jane and her two roommates as the 3 Merryneers (Mabel, Marie and Jane). John takes both Jane and Louise to the airport on June 1, 1946 for their trip to New Mexico. John follows on June 4th. He details almost every night out with dancing in Juarez, going to bars, cocktails at the club, etc. Sometimes Louise is along, and on 2 occasions she double-dates with Jane and John. There are parties and dinners with Dave and Florence. It sounds like they are all having too good a time together to have been told of Louise's condition. John returns a week earlier than Jane and Louise, and he picks up both of them at the airport when they return on July 24th. No boyfriend Jack Bulman is in evidence.

On July 20th in Diary #2 (the transcribed one, keep in mind), John sets Louise up with Jack Bulman, whom he met through a mutual friend, "Smitty," (no last name given).

On August 10, Florence and Dave came to Seattle to visit until August 26th. They attended Jane and John's engagement party on August 16th. (They must have been aware of Louise's pregnancy at this point).

On August 25th, the Las Cruces newspaper reports on Jane Bronson's engagement, and states, "Miss Bronson's parents, who are visiting Seattle for several weeks, were there for the announcement party. Her younger sister, Louise, is a nurse in the office of Dr. Gordon Thompson, also in Seattle."

On October 21st (three days before the baby's birth), John has a "farewell dinner" with Louise and Jack before he leaves for New Mexico and the wedding.

Nov. 1, 1946 - Florence Bronson stands up for Jane as her Matron of Honor at the wedding. Louise is not mentioned in any of the newspaper articles which list the people at the wedding, or the showers beforehand. She is not in any of the wedding pictures showing Jane and John with Florence and Dave. I think we can be quite sure she wasn't there. John's family was not there either, by the way. His parents were not in good health and I imagine his sister could not afford to travel from Alaska.

According to the newspaper clippings, "Only members of the bride's family were present at the ceremony…Mrs. Bronson attended her daughter as matron of honor…best man was Mr. Robert Coleman." Another newspaper described "a quiet wedding solemnized in the rectory of St. Genevieve Catholic Church…Miss Bronson's only attendant was her mother, and best man was Robert Coleman, long-time friend of the Bronson family." Various guests at the reception afterwards at the Las Cruces Country Club were named in both articles.

On Dec. 8 after their return from their honeymoon in Mexico for a month, Jane and John had dinner at "Louise and Jack Bulman's apartment." .

Neither Louise nor Jack are mentioned again through the end of the diary in September, 1947, which would fit in with your information that Jack took the job at Georgetown and they got married in January, 1947.

Following are some excerpts from John's diaries (he writes almost every day!):

5/15/1946 John meets Jane via a setup dinner at John's friend Huck Laurent's houseboat across the dock from Jane's houseboat.

5/19 Dinner with the "Three Merryneers" – Jane, Marie Hicks and Mabel Muliken (houseboat roommates). Afterwards, dinner with the "Five Ethyls" - Marie Hicks, Mabel Muliken, Louise and Jane Bronson and Marian…

6/1 Dinner with the "Four Ethyls" – Jane, Louise, Mabel and Marie. Then John took Jane and Louise to the airport for their trip to Las Cruces.

6/5 6:30 am Jane and Louise meet John at the El Paso airport.

6/6 Jane and Louise gave a cocktail party where John meets a lot of Jane's friends.

6/8 "We double-dated with Louise and Dale Lane, going to Juarez and Tivoli;s for a swell steak dinner and some very enjoyable dancing. We made the rounds of the night spots and didn't miss much."

6/15 Played poker with Jane, Louise and Florence. "Then we went to Juarez, Mexico for an evening of dancing with John (Mac) and Louise. We started out at the Submarine Club where we had a heck of a lot of fun. Then to the Tivoli where we had some excellent dancing and saw the floor show. Then to a night club for some more excellent dancing. Then home for some bacon, eggs and cinnamon rolls. A great evening. The best I can remember."

6/17 Drove to El Paso airport with Jane and Louise to pick up Slim Johnson (Jane's other boyfriend). They all went dancing that night.

6/18 John leaves, Slim "takes over."

6/21 last hand-written entry in Diary #1.

6/24 Jane and Louise arrive in Seattle by plane from Las Cruces.

7/5 "To the houseboat with Chuck 'Pucker' Campbell and dinner with Jane and Louise--swell evening."

7/8 Jane says "Yes."

7/13 "To the Seattle Tennis Club annual summer Cottom Carnival with Chuck Campbell and Louise, Martin and Jeane, and some of the gang. Excellent dancing."

7/20 "To the Monk's Club dance. I got Louise a date for the dance with Jack Bulman, whom I met thru Smitty, a Harvard Law School Monk. I guess they clicked—and how!" [The Monk's Club was a single men's residence/club where John lived].

7/22 "To Jane's for dinner with Martin Galwas and Frances Wiley. Quite a hilarious evening. Martin is a little 'below requirements' to make a match, but the Louise—Jack Bulman deal is progressing."

8/3 "To the Spanish Castle to do some dancing with Louise and Bill Tiesner (Detroit)."

8/10 "Jane's parents, Florence and Dave arrived after a long drive from Las Cruces. We all had dinner at the Tennis Club and showed them the city."

8/16 Big Announcement Party at the Nelson's – 60 to 80 people came - Jane's parents, John's parents, Monks, classmates, neighbors and all of Jane's friends were there according to John's diary entry. Louise is not specifically mentioned.

8/27 "Wedding plans are taking shape. Looks like it will be the latter part of October."

8/24 & 25 "To Victoria with the Bronsons for the weekend. Dave and Florence stayed at the Empress Hotel. Jane, Louise and I stayed at a nice little place, Coverly Manner....Florence and Dave are heading back tomorrow."

10/3 Jane leaves for New Mexico to prepare for the Nov. 1st wedding. John will leave the 28th.

10/21 "Louise, Jack and I had dinner at the Casa villa as our sort of farewell dinner."

10/27 John says Jane has been attending many luncheons, bridge parties, cocktail parties, dinners, etc. in her honor.

10/28 John arrives and there are more parties.

11/1 Wedding and reception – no mention of Louise.

12/8 "To Louise and Jack Bulman's apartment for enchiladas and some fun."

1/3/1947 First party at home – all the roommates and best friends are there – Louise and Jack are not mentioned as being there.

Teresa said the family story was that Jack was "traveling" after the war and met Louise in Seattle. Jane had been working in Seattle since sometime in 1944 so it wouldn't be surprising if Louise came to work in Seattle, although it's not clear that she was living with Jane, which you might think would be the case. I wonder if Jack went on traveling, and actually wasn't in Seattle until the pregnancy became known. She must have still been able to hide it on July 20 when she "met" Jack via John's supposed introduction. Maybe we don't have the rest of the handwritten diary because John rewrote history to hide the situation from future generations. Louise must have told her parents sometime, because she wouldn't have been able to hide her pregnancy in mid-August when they visited. She isn't actually mentioned as being at the engagement party, so maybe she didn't attend. I think we can assume she was not at Jane & John's wedding. It also appears that Jack was in her life at the time of the baby's birth, and they had an apartment together by the time Jane and John came back from the honeymoon.

I'd like to shake Dad out of his grave and have him give us a few facts here! Too late! Life is always interesting. I hope this has been of help.


Cousin Julie

425 591-1096 (cell)

3/20/2008 E-mail from Suzie Hill to Richard and Margaret Cartano Hewes:

Hello Richard and Margaret,

All I can say is 'wow' this is really getting exciting!! So many brothers and sisters and now the cousins too!! I never thought this would come to pass. I have actually had to create files on everyone so I can remember who is who!

Thank you so very much for you kinds words and the welcome. In my search for Louise, I found a lot of information about Jane, which eventually led me to the Bulman clan.

I was raised in Poulsbo, Washington,across the sound from Seattle. My daughter, Nellie, still lives in Tacoma, Washington. I guess she has a lot of relatives in her area now!!

Regards, Suzie

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I am Richard N. Hewes, MargaretCartano Hewes' husband. We live in Maine. I have been intrigued by the information about your life. I wish you could have met your parents. I met them once -- in Maine in
1987. It quickly became clear that your father was an independent, perceptive, keen, opinionated man who 'thought out of the box.' I got the sense he would not go along to get along. He and I spoke about World War II. He said he was a Roman Catholic conscientious objector. That was an extraordinary position to take and may have been unique, given the attitudes of that day.

That does not mean he did not serve in the war. He volunteered as an ambulance driver for England (Red Cross?) and drove through combat zones in the European Theatre. Always one to live by his own convictions, your father risked his life to save injured military personnel.

Welcome to the family.
3/27/2008 E-mail from Susie Hill to David Cartano:

Hi David,

My Todos Santos is the one near La Paz, but it is actually 9 kilometers from El Pescadero, where I live.

There is also a Punta Pescadero on the other side of the baja Pennisula...my little pueblo is El Pescadero.


9/13/2008 Tyler Rourke, Julie Cartano's son, was engaged to Tiffany Zimmer.
9/22/2008 I see this email address and I am not sure who this will go to, but my husband Charles Lynch, aka Fr. David Lynch, passed away on June 29th of this year. He had fallen on the ice and had to have several cranial/brain surgeries. I hope you know how to record this in the archives. My mother was Margaret Cartano.
Martha Lynch teska07@comcast.net