2007 News and Developments
Date News and Developments
3/17/2007 From: Martha Lynch <teska@mc.net>
To: Rourke, Tyler
Sent: Sat Mar 17 09:40:12 2007
Subject: Cartano Internet homepage

My daughter, grandaughter of Margaret Cartano Fletcher, gave birth to Lazarus John on Novenber 20 2006. Guess who the John part is named after. He is thriving in Hamilton, Ontario. He was preceded by Dimitri James on May 31st, 2004. Guess who the James part is named after. He is thriving

Martha Lynch

I failed to add that Lazarus John will be baptised on April 22, by his Grandfather at All Saints Orthodox Church in Chicago. We continue to rejoice!! Martha Margaret - Guess who the Margaret is in my name. There are Margarets all over the place.

Martha, again.
4/15/2007 E-mail from daughter of Ann Cartano:

I guess I have some news that I'm pretty excited about! Phil and I are expecting our first child! Yea!! I'm 10 weeks along and due in the middle of October. I'm happy that I get to come to my family's side for Christmas because then I can bring this new bundle of joy to share with you all. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful day. And I look forward to seeing you all when we're able.


Alicia Lydick
5/1/2007 E-mail from Donna Ryan

I am interested in getting a copy of the following photo:

Anton (Antonio) Cartano
8" by 12" black and white photograph of the Antonio and Caroline Klein Cartano family and their 11 children

Could you please send me information regarding this. We are related through Bert Cartano, son, Richard Cartano, Daughters Anna Louise, Marla Jean, Arlene, Mary Jane, and Caroline Cartano.

Thank you

Donna Ryan
5/2/2007 My name is Anna Louise (Cartano) Luper. I have just recently found out from Oregon l880 census records that Anthony and Caroline Cartano were my great-grandparents. Lamburtus (Bert) and Anna Rebecca (Harden) Cartano were my grandparents. Richard and Velma (Basler) Cartano are my parents.

My grandfather, Bert, came to Athena, Oregon as a major league baseball player from Iowa, where he met my grandmother, Anna Harden. He stayed and they got married and had three children. Bert and my father, Richard, came to Granger, Washington in 1928. Where Richard met my mother, married and raised 5 girls. There are now children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

I have no idea who will be receiving this, but I would appreciate an acknowledgement. I hope to update some of the Cartano records and learn about a family that I know nothing about. I'm still trying to find out who Anthony's father was and when he immigrated and to what state. So many questions to be answered. I can be reached thru my e-mail address: Aluper27@aol.com. My home address is: Anna Luper, 3454 E. Zillah Dr., Zillah, WA 98953
5/14/2007 E-mail from Janelle Marie Cartano Lauer

I would love to include my children on the Cartano family tree. Savannah Jane Lauer (1996) and Anthony John (AJ) Lauer (2000). My grandmother (Erma Cartano) and my father (Jeffrey Lee Cartano) are both still living and everyone is doing well!
6/1/2007 E-mail from Jane Hewes:

I thought my Oklahoma affiliated relatives would be interested to know that I just got off a conference call with former Gov. Frank Keating of Oklahoma.

It was with a handful of state leaders, mostly from Maine but also from a couple from other places. The Gov. was specifically addressing McCain's stance on social conservative issues. Being the exemplary social conservative that I am in the Maine College Republicans, I was asked to represent college-aged social conservatives concerns about McCain's stance on related issues. It was a very interesting and personal conference as there were only about six others on the line. Frank Keating is the man.
YAYYY SOCIAL CONSERVATIVES FOR JOHN MCCAIN! John McCain is by far the most worthy socially conservative candidate and most worthy candidate overall.

I have no idea who this e-mail will reach- sorry if you don't know who I am.

6/6/2007 E-mail from Margaret Cartano Hughes:

Jane Hewes has been appointed Women's Outreach Coordinator for the State of Maine College Republicans for 2007-2008. She will attend the national convention in Washington DC in July. She will also work at the Skull and Bones Society's Deer Island retreat for the summer.

Julia successfully completed her first year of nursing courses at the University of Maine. She received a 3.29 this past semester. She is an active member of the Chi Omega Sorority. This summer, Julia will return to work this summer for the Portland Seadogs and continue to take university classes.
8/4/2007 From: John E Hoyt [mailto:jeh49341@chartermi.com]
Sent: Sunday, August 05, 2007 9:06 PM
To: Julie Rourke
Subject: Photos are Online & Family Registers of Cartano & Percival

Hi Julie,

I have made a Register Family Tree Page separate for your Families and Photo's together...


I have also linked as New at http://www.johnhoyt.com/index.html Home Page, under banner of Washington State Families.

The Hoyt, Percival & Cartano Gallery of Thumbnail Photos Page is at:

http://www.johnhoyt.com/new-items.html New Items Page,
http://www.johnhoyt.com/photo.html Photos Page, as well as
http://www.johnhoyt.com/main.html Site Navigation Page link in site Box at top,
and above cartano-percival.html page.

I placed the Cartano Family History link on same page. http://www.cartano.net/HistoryoftheCartanoFamily.html

I hope this is okay with your brother, as he might get more hits with links from my Hoyt website.

Thanks so very much!


John E. Hoyt

7325 Hessler Ct NE

Rockford, MI 49341
9/16/2007 E-mail from Julie Rourke:

I have come across some very interesting news regarding Caroline Klein Cartano’s possible relationship to Richard Wagner, the composer. Our family history has it that the mother of Caroline Klein Cartano (wife of Anton) said she was a Wagner and related to Richard Wagner. Dad [John D. Cartano] says the following in a letter addressed to Margaret [Cartano Hewes] on 2/1/1983, and a scan of the original is attached:

“Johanna Wagner, the niece of Richard Wagner, is supposed to be an ancestor of my Dad’s. The New Encyclopedia of the Opera by David Ewen has an account of her (Libr: R 782.03 Ew 35N). ‘Wagner, Johanna, soprano. Born Hanover, Ger., Oct. 13, 1826; died Wurzburg, Ger., Oct. 16, 1894. The niece of Richard Wagner, she created the role of Elisabeth. She received her musical training from her father, a professional singer. After making various concert appearances, she became in 1844 a principal soprano of the Dresden Opera, where she appeared in the first performance of Tannhauser (1845). For two years she studied in Paris with Pauline Viardot-Garcia, then between 1850 and 1852 became the principal soprano of the Berlin (Royal) Opera. Losing her singing voice in 1861, she became an actress. From 1882 to 1884 she taught singing at the Royal School of Music in Munish.’”

E-mail from Julie Rourke:

John Hoyt has posted pictures of the gravestones of our great-great-grandparents John G. Hoyt and Sabra Isadore Van Wie Hoyt, our great-grandparents John T. Percival and Emily M. Hoyt Percival, and our great-aunt Emily B. Percival (sister of Dad’s mother Margaret). They are located in Greenwood Memorial Cemetary in Spokane.

Go to http://www.johnhoyt.com/johnghoyt1.html, and scroll to the bottom for the Percivals, then up two rows for the Hoyts.

8/21/2007 John Hoyt has posted pictures of the gravestones of our great-great-grandparents John G. Hoyt and Sabra Isadore Van Wie Hoyt, our great-grandparents John T. Percival and Emily M. Hoyt Percival, and our great-aunt Emily B. Percival (sister of Dad’s mother Margaret). They are located in Greenwood Memorial Cemetary in Spokane.

Go to http://www.johnhoyt.com/johnghoyt1.html, and scroll to the bottom for the Percivals, then up two rows for the Hoyts.

9/25/2007 E-mail from Gary Cartano to Julie Cartano Rourke:

From Gary Cartano regarding “Honest John,” brother of our grandfather, Daniel Cartano.



From: Gary Cartano [mailto:gcartano@starband.net]
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2007 12:06 PM
To: Rourke
Hi Julie,

I have a cute little story to tell you. I will have Joann write it up, just the way it happened and I will include it with pictures when I send my side of the tree to you or David when I get it finished.

But for now, I just thought I would tell you about it so I wouldn't forget it and it was fresh in my mind.


My sister, Joann, has been planning for months to go back to Cedar Rapids, Iowa for her 60th High School Reunion on September 22, TONIGHT. She lives in Grand Island, Nebraska.

As the big event got nearer, she got more and more excited about it. She planed to stay with our other sister, Shirley, while she was there. She had talked with me and I told her about the Family Tree that we are doing. She planned to have her son and daughter-in-law drive her and stay with her.

All was going as planned when about 3 weeks ago, she took a bad fall in a shopping center parking lot and banged up her knee real bad and cut her face, breaking her nose. They took her in an ambulance to the hospital where the doctor told her she had a diviated septum? (Split the cartilage in her nose and couldn't breath on one side). It blackened both eyes an left her covered in scratches and bruses and bearly able to walk because of her knee.

I urged her to have the operation on her nose done as soon as posible, which will be (Oct. 4th), but to go to her reunion anyway. (She didn't want to go, looking like "Rocky") I kept in touch with her by phone 2 to 3 times a week and kept urging her to go to her Reunion.

That is the background, now quickly, here is the story.

They went to C.R. on Wednesday and on Thursday desided to drive over to Anamosa and have a look around and do some shopping. Craig and Kathy wanted to look in some antique stores and Joann just wanted to see how much Anamosa had "grown up". Just have a nice pleasent day and have lunch and go back to Shirley's.

Well they got there and Craig and Kathy went into an Antique store while Joann waited in the car. Her leg and knee were hurting and didn't want to stand for long or walk on it much. When Kathy came out of the store and told Joann, she should come into the shop and see something. She may want to by it.

When she went in, the shop owner was full of questions for her and took her over to a display and showed her a plate. The "plate" as she discribed it, was medium size, "smaller than a dinner plate but larger than a saucer". It had flowers on it and across the "top" it was inscribed; "complements of 'Honest' John Cartano. She bought it for around $45. The shopkeeper said that she had one identical to it in her own private collection and she wouldn't part with it.

She and Shirley called me yesterday morning and told me this story and we laughed and Joann said over and over that she felt it was "destined" for her to go to Cedar Rapids to that reunion but she didn't know why. She thought it had something to do with her Reunion, but now she knows it was that trip to Anamosa and finding that plate with our Great Grandfather's name printed on it.

Kind of a lengthy e-mail (sorry). Just wanted to share this with you.

9/25/2007 E-mail from Gary Cartano to Julie Cartano Rourke:

Wow, Tell Ross I said hello and congrats for getting a part in the play. A six hour play?? Wow. That is a long PLAY.

Joann and I both were in the Community Theater in Cedar Rapids. However we were about 10 to 12 years apart. I will check for sure but Joann played in "Guy and Dolls" in the 50's and in 1967 I tried out for "Guys and Dolls" and got 4 different "bit parts". I was a Havanna Cuban Dancer, I had a Sophisticated walk on part, I played one of the Gamblers, and a background singer. I have sung in Barbershop Quartets and Choruses all over the country. My chorus here in Los Angeles won thier first International contest in 1990 at the San Francisco "Cow Palace" and I have a Gold Medal for that.

I had a quartet that performed at 6 Flags Magic Mountain for almost a year as the "Official Quartet" (kind of like the Dapper Dans at Disneyland) I was also on a quiz show back in 1975 with Bob Ubanks as M.C. and won $6,000. (Big money in those days to me.)

So I have to say, yeah, I've done a "little theater" but not that great. I liked singing for all the celebraties with my quartet best of all. Got to meet some well known people in those days. I sang Barbershop Harmony from 1964 till about 2002.

Have a nice visit with Ross.

Talk to you later, Julie

10/12/2007 Hi Gary…thanks so much for the email. I think this will motivate me to get going on adding the information and pictures I have to the tree. We should think of it as a work in progress. There is no real deadline, except that as we get older, we’ll forget or we won’t give a darn anymore! So, now is the time! Why don’t you just send whatever you have at around Thanksgiving. If Susie doesn’t send you anything, you can always get it later. That way, we can at least see what we have together.

To answer your questions:

The sign: I remember hearing that Dad had seen a sign that said, “Honest John.” My dad traveled to Indiana on the train in 1926 for a national debate tournament. His father, Daniel accompanied him and it was recorded in newspaper articles both here and in Anamosa, IA that Daniel visited his brother there. That would be Honest John. I couldn’t tell if my dad was there too or not. When I visited David G. Cartano in Spirit Lake, Iowa (grandson of Richard) in 2004, he said he had seen the sign too and that he thought one of the relatives in the Cedar Rapids area had it. It was his understanding that Honest John might have given out these signs as a promo for his bar or restaurant. That might explain the plates too. It’s amazing that you came across a plate after all these years!

You can either send me the tree or send it to dcartano@bkolaw.com at the Cartano.net website.
Are the maps in digital form? If so, I can put them with Anton & Caroline Klein Cartano in the picture area of the tree.

The possible tie with Richard Wagner is still very vague!

I am attaching a recent picture of a gathering at my house with my brother and sisters for the visit of our first cousin, Ross Fletcher and his wife Margaret who live on the East Coast. Ross is the son of Carolyn Cartano Fletcher, my father’s sister. He has two sisters. They were the only Cartano-side relatives that we ever knew growing up. Little did we know!

Thanks so much for all your input.


From: Gary Cartano [mailto:gcartano@starband.net]
Sent: Friday, October 12, 2007 10:49 AM
To: Rourke
Subject: Returned : sent again

Julie, this came back to me so I am resending it without the photos. I will make another one with the photos attached, to follow.

Hi Julie,

Here is the story of how Joann found "The Plate"

I asked her to write what she told me in her own words and mail me the pictures (all included).

She said I could edit it as I wanted but I felt she had done such a good job, and I wanted it in her own words; I just took a picture of the letter and sent it that way. When I talked to her on the phone, she said her plate had a chip out of it, the shop keeper must have kept the better of the two. You can see it in the upper right side of the plate. Enjoy.

1. Now, you owe me one. What is the story of "The Sign". This was the first I have heard of it, or else I am more forgetful in my old age than I thought, (65). Please tell me about it.

2. I have the Tree with about ----- hundred Honest John Cartano Branch added to it . I have asked Susie to send me a time line of Uncle Joe's family Birth/Death records so that I can finish it and send it off. Still no answer. Everytime I touch this "Family Tree" thing someone gets angery at me. I hate being the "messanger" but I like finding all these interesting things out about the family. Maybe I just do things differently than other people do or have TIME to do. I tried to get this together before Thanksgiving. We can still make it if I can get Susie to do this. Otherwise I will have to send it on and have her forward her info to "The Tree Coordinator".

Which brings me to the rest of my question:

3. My question's are: When I feel it is as complete as I can get it at this time, who do I send it to?

What do you want on it? Should it be saved as just John + decendents? I have some on Richard too.

You have the best part on Daniel. I have a little on Trace but I think I got most of that from Seattle Cartanos also.

4. I also found some maps of Europe in the 19th Century that tell where Alsace Terrain, Bavaria, Malano Italy and the mountain range in between. This might help someone when they tell the Anton Cartano story.

5. I also keep digging around on the web, looking for a tie in between Caroline Sophia's mother and Richard and Johanna Wagner.

Look forward to hearing from you.

As Always

11/7/2007 E-mail from Gary Cartano to Julie Cartano:

This was my Uncle Joe's family. He lived in Elmira, NY. and changed his name to Joe Nelson but maybe you can e-mail her and get some answers. I think she thinks I am an "e-mail scam" or something. I sent her pictures of her and grandma Alice, who she said she loved dearly but can't get her to answer my e-mails again.

Speaking of pictures... I have pictures in the photo files but thought that they would all have to be sent separate in order to get them to come into the tree.

Also I have a neat little tree of this. I used the whole Anton family picture as the background and built the tree over it. Very condenced and all on 4 pages. I am unable to save anything so it can be printed. I wanted to put all of this on a disc and give it to a print shop so it can be printed on a large sheet, so I can give it to each of my families for Christmas presents. Would you have any idea of how to do this??????????

Anyway to see this 1. you start on Anton's spread sheet and pick the files and go down to OPEN SAVED VIEWS... then pick "Gary's Tree of Anton Cartano". I don't know if you will get it with the "family" background, 50% light, (so it is lightly in background) and NOT Tiled (just one picture over 4 pages.

Let's see what you get this time and then we will know all the problems to work out in order to get it to come in as I have it here.

Thanks for all your help Julie. Hope maybe we can meet sometime and sit down and talk about all of this, some time.
11/24/2007 E-mail from Gary Cartano:

Hi Julie and David,

I sent you each a CD. I was so suprised that you had gathered so much from my previous e-mails about the John side of the family. However, their were a couple of errors but I think I got that corrected. Please check it out before you post it. Any discrepencies, please call or e-mail and I will try to let you know where I got the research from.

On the disc: the Cartano Family Tree file is the entire thing and the Honest John Family Tree is just John's Branch as you did Daniel alone.

On the Cartano FT: If you open it and go to FILE, then open the item called OPEN SAVED VIEW, open the one called "by Gary Cartano..." you will see that I got the entire tree on only 6 sheets. It prints well this way and I have the background photo of the family set at 50% lighter so it stays in the background, you can experiment with it. I did the same with the John tree only and got it all on 4 sheets for printing. Makes a nice gift to the other family members who don't have computers.

I do drafting and design and I am slowly doing this whole tree in AutoCAD so I can get it printed at the print shop on ONE big sheet. I will send you a .jpg, .tiff, or .pdf file when I get it completed. But for now this is the best I have.

If you need a photo of someone on my "John" tree let me know and I will try to see if I can round one up. BTW the picture of Elfried Freshwater, that was me with her that day back in 1985 when I went to visit her with my wife and daughter in Springville, Iowa.

Hope you both have a wonderful Christmas Holiday. Thanks to you both for all the work you have done on this project. I think the whole family should thank you. You have helped to bring us all together.

As Always
11/22/2007 E-mail from Christian Cartano:

Hi there.

This is Christian Cartano, son of John G., nephew of Gary, Joanne and Shirley. I love the site. It is so very helpful and interesting. I wanted to provide you with my most current info. After moving around the country, I have finally landed on the west Coast like so many other Cartanos. ( it must be the weather :>)

My address is:
Christian Cartano
592 N Main Street
Sebastopol, Ca 95472

My email is:

My phone, if needed, is :

Thanks so much for all the work you have put into the site. It's really great to have all that info at the touch of a fingertip. Feel free to contact me at any time.

Thanks again,


Is your middle initial J. and birth date August 17, 1971? yes it is

What are the names of your mother and father, ? John Guy Cartano & Beverly Irene Sellers

What are the names of your brothers and sisters? Jeff Cartano ( on dad's side from 1st marriage) Sandie Sellers Adams, Deborah Sellers Dalziel, Rodney Sellers ( on mom's side from 1st marriage)