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3/15/2007 E-mail from Janelle Marie Cartano Lauer

>>> "Janelle" <janellelauer@hotmail.com> 03/10/06 02:12PM >>>
My name is Janelle Lauer. Erma J. Cartano (Cedar Rapids, IA) is my grandmother and Jeffrey Lee Cartano (Cedar Rapids, IA) is my father. I was born Janelle Marie Cartano. I'm curious how this website got started, how information is maintained, and how I can find out family information.


Janelle Marie (Cartano) Lauer
3/18/2007 Message from Margaret Cartano Hewes:

Julie got a job this summer at the Portland Seadogs-the minor affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. That should be fun. Jane is going to go to summer school because of her double major requirements in accounting and new media. It should
be an interesting summer.
4/15/2007 Message from Joan Cartano Savard:

Kyle has been promoted to District Channel Manager of EMC and is moving to St. Louis about April 1, 2006. The e-mail from the EMC boss is as follows:

From: Layton, Ron
Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2006 9:18 PM
To: Massick Area
Cc: McAlexanderPeterson, Susan; Shuler, Shaun; rmikaili@arrow.com; TROY
FORTUNE; Tiertant, Cathy; Giglio, Lisa
Subject: Commercial Channels-promotion announcement!


I am pleased to announce the promotion of Kyle Rourke to our Midwest Commercial Channels team. Kyle has accepted the District Channel Manager position working with Bill Blanton and his commercial team, covering the commercial partners in Indiana, Southern IL and metro St. Louis. As well, Kyle will be relocating to St. Louis, implementing our new channels and go to market strategy.

Kyle's exceptional performance and 5+ years of tenure with EMC have progressed him through the Sales Associates program, the ISR program, and as a commercial Account Executive covering the state of Iowa, and recently covering named accounts in Chicago.

Please join me in congratulating Kyle to his new role!

EMC² Ron Layton
Where Information Lives Area Partner Manager
Commercial Midwest
EMC Corporation Office: 773.756.3066
8770 W. Bryn Mawr Ave Fax: 773.399.9621
Chicago, IL 60631 Mobile: 913.208.6944
http://www.emc.com Layton_Ron@emc.com

6/1/2007 From: Margaret Cartano Hewes [mailto:hewesm@westbrookschools.org]
Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2006 10:43 AM

I was just chosen Walmart teacher of the year. The school got $1,000 and
I got $100. They brought a huge check and balloons!
6/20/2007 From Anna Cartano Gascoigne

David and Rob and Anna are back from Italy. It was a great three weeks. We did a circle trip in Northern Italy and met so many fun people. Antonio Cartano and his family were a highlight. They cried and kissed us on both cheeks many times and although we can't be certain that we are related, THEY are certain because I look just like Antonio's sister.

Some of the FAMILY plan to come to America and stay with us next year, so hopefully we'll have an interpreter. Antonio is a warm, puppy dog type and takes you into his heart the moment he meets you.

David climbed the lower foothills of the Alps, although from our viewpoint from the B&B, it looked like he'd climbed over the edge. He was gone for 61/2 hours. Our photo camera lense picked him up on one of the foothills.

We stayed in a haunted castle by the Adriatic Sea. David discovered an occulted view point in his shower, which he will tell you about. The bedroom that Rob and I slept in belonged to Napolian's nephew. The fresco above the bed kept me awake! More later. Hope to share some slides.

Love Anna
6/30/2007 The Iowa State Census, 1895 Brown Township Linn County shows the following:

Charles Cartano

Elizabeth Cartano

William Cartano
Linn Co IA

Mary Cartano
Monona Co IA

Bessie E. Cartano
Linn Co IA

Jessie Cartano
Linn Co IA

Mable Cartano
Linn Co IA

Annie Cartano
Linn Co IA

Lillie Cartano
Linn Co IA
7/14/2007 E-mails from Julie Cartano Rourke and Gary Cartano:

>>> "Rourke" <rourke2@comcast.net> 07/14/06 02:13PM >>>
Gary - It's great to hear from you! For future reference, my email has changed to rourke2@comcast.net. I can receive email at the old address, but can't seem to reply to it.

My dad John Daniel Cartano who passed away at the age of 96 on 7/19/05 went to a national debate conference in Kansas City in 1926 with his father, Daniel. Two newspapers reported that Daniel, my grandfather visited with your great grandfather, John in Anamosa, Iowa. Dad put a newspaper
clippings in his diary which read as follows:


Anamosa, Iowa, Thursday, May 20, 1926

Dan Cartano of Seattle, Washington visited his brother John and family today. Dan came east with his son who took part in a national oratorical contest at Kansas City.


Anamosa, Iowa, Thursday, May 20, 1926

D. A. Cartano of Seattle, Wash., was calling on his brother, John Cartano on Tuesday. Mr. Cartano is a former Springville boy, but has been a resident in the west for a number of years. He came east with his son, John Cartano, a student of West Seattle High School who won the championship in the Washington State oratorical contest and came to Kansas City to enter the semi-finals of the National Oratorical Contest...

The son returned to his home from Kansas City, while his father came to Iowa for a short visit with brothers and sisters.

On the Cartano website that my brother in L.A., David J. Cartano maintains at <http://www.cartano.net/> www.cartano.net, under History of the Cartano Family, my grandfather Daniel Cartano is described as "the second to the left, first row sitting, in the historic photograph of the Anton and Caroline Klein Cartano family. He was born on July 2, 1867 in Tremont, Pennsylvania. He was the next to the youngest of the 11 Cartano children. He grew up in Springfield, Iowa."

David G. Cartano, grandson of Richard Cartano ("Dick Cartano is on the far left, first row sitting, in the historic photograph of the Anton and Caroline Klein Cartano family") is the one who has the big original picture of the family on the wall of his summer home in Iowa. This David Cartano remembers seeing a sign on the wall of a family member in Iowa with the words "Honest John."

I will forward your email to my brother who will put the information on the website. I would love to see pictures of the other family members and could scan them for the website if you want help with that. My address is as
follows if you want to send me any pictures for scanning that I would send immediately back to you:

Julie Cartano Rourke
2412 Killarney Way
Bellevue, WA 98004

Another alternative is that perhaps we could get together to look over your "boxes" in California when I am there during the month of April 2007.

Also, if you have any birth or death dates for the relatives you mentioned, please email them so that I can get them on the family tree.

I am attaching a picture of my sister Anna Cartano Gascoigne visiting with Alberto Cartano who lives near Milan, Italy. Our relationship cannot exactly be substantiated because Alberto's father, Dante was left on a
church step with the name "Cartano" pinned to him, but the Cartano's are said to have originated from the Milan area.

My brother David will be here tomorrow night from L.A. for our annual family reunion with all of our siblings (Bob, Anna, Helene & Joan from the Seattle area and Margaret from Maine) so I know he will be very interested to see your email as well!

Thanks for getting in touch!

Julie Cartano Rourke


From: Gary Cartano gcartano@starband.net

Sent: Friday, July 14, 2006 11:12 am

To: Julie Rourke

Subject: Family tree portrait

Hi Julie and Family

My name is Gary Edward Cartano. I just happened to read your letters on the Cartano web site. I have a copy of that "family picture" on my office wall.

(very small 6"x9 1/2). Now I know where it originated from.

Years ago in the 80's I meant with the other David Cartano in L.A. He gave me the picture.

Since then I have kind of dropped out of sight and now I am looking at retirement and thought maybe now would be a good time to start trying to get the family tree together so that maybe I can fill in some voids and
mistakes in the one that David put together. The reason I say this is that I started to do this at one time, then when I dropped out of site, David took over and the computer came up with the WEB and he made it into a web site.

He and his side of the Anton family have done a wonderful job with it.

My portion is what you eluded to when you wrote about my Great Grandfather "Honest" John Cartano. I have a large box and photos of everyone from John (in your famous photo he is the man in the back row on the far left of the photo) but you, of coarse know this. John and Elizabeth had one son, Guy, my grandfather who had 3 sons with Alice. "Joe, Bill, and Bob". My father was Wilfred aka William John Cartano "Bill". Who married Lucille Mary Grimm (My mother) and had 5 children Joann, John Guy, Shirley, Gary (me), and Linda. Thus the beginnings of Honest John's Family and my position on the tree.

I now live with my wife Lucy in Escondido, a suburb of San Diego, in the North end of the County. in California. It would be nice to hear from you.

Hope all is good with you and your family.

Please write me or e-mail


Maybe with some help I can figure out what to do with this "box of family"

that no one wants. I could use some suggestions on where to start.

Oh well, ...

Best Wishes and take care.
Gary Cartano
7/20/2007 E-mail from Gary Cartano to Julie Cartano Rourke:

Re: Janelle Marie Cartano Lauer

Janelle is my brother Johnnie's grand daughter. Erma was Johnnie's first wife and Jeffery is Johnnie and Erma's Son. Janelle is a very talented musician an singing artist in Cedar Rapids. I have a CD that my sister sent me after our trip up to Northern CA to Christian's wedding. We talked of her and I was very interested in meeting her. My problem was that I didn't have her e-mail address and neither of my sisters use a computer.
7/25/2007 E-mail from David G. Cartano to Julie Rourke:

Hi Julie, have been reading the e-mail from Gary C. and am going to reply to him-- I had met Lizzy and you might remember that my father had helped her some in her last years in Anamosa-- I have a (5" by 12") bronze plaque in my possession that has "Honest John Cartano" across the middle. I feel it might have been a gift or a publicity handout from the pub.

I also have to apologize for my long silence-- have been totally preoccupied with the building of a new home (began in January) on the lot next to ours in Vero at the tennis club. We came to Ia. only in June and will leave by Aug. 1st. While here, we heard that the county had issued our CO and so we must get back for walk-throughs and cleaning up odds and ends–then we move in! Spent two weeks with our two families here at the lake in late June and early July (occasionally having 13 guests at a time) -- lots of food, cooking, wake-boarding, gossiping etc. etc. and I imagine your family was doing about the same at about the same time. This, you might remember, is an annual affair and keeps the cousins in touch. Some year?? it would be fascinating to combine the events (at least for a few days!!!).

One comment on the trip in '26 taken by your grandfather and dad-- I wonder if my grandfather ever got to visit with the two brothers---I believe my father was living in Illinois with a new family but I'm pretty sure that my grandfather Richard was in Monticello, which was about 12 miles from Anamosa where John lived. And if they did not get together, why not??

Well this is plenty for now-- just wanted to say Hi and let you know I'm still here--- will try to stay more current with you-- warmest regards, Dave
7/29/2007 E-mail from David G. Cartano to Gary Cartano:


Julie Cartano sent me some of your correspondence with her and I was aware or knew some of the people you mentioned in your e-mails to her---I grew up in Monticello, Iowa, which was some 12 miles from Anamosa where John Cartano lived--- I never knew him but when I was a kid, I met Lizzy Cartano who was John's wife ( she was quite elderly at that time). My Aunt Elfriede, my dad's sister, I had known all through my young years.She and her husband George Freshwater had two kids, Nancy, a year or so older than I and Jack, who was a year or two younger. He, George, was a coach and in later years farmed near Springville, where you, no doubt, met Elfiede. She was a graduate of Grinnell College-- was a good musician (piano and organ).

I could go on and on but I thought you might be interested in some of these things. Since you live in CA, my brother Richard, has lived in California most of his working life around the Bay area (he owned three music stores in the Bay area and Santa Rosa) and currently is retired and living near Sacramento-- he has two kids, Jennifer and Chris who are both married and both in the computer business --Chris for HP company and Jen for Pack Bell??? new name?

I know quite a bit about the Eastern Iowa groupings in case you have other questions--- I may be able to
answer a few. Used to hunt with the Freshwaters-- with Dick Abel and my brother Dick- had holiday meals all through my youth with all of these folks.


David G. Cartano
7/30/2007 The photograph of the Bill and Lucille Cartano family is in the Cartano Internet home page section on photographs for the Honest John family. Gary Cartano explained the photograph as follows:

The Photo was taken in the about 1948. This is the family I remember the most. We were very poor. We lived in a "Cuanset Hut" in a little town called Rompot, Iowa just outside of Cedar Rapids. It was about 2 acres in the country and one of the HAPPIEST times of my life. From left to right is my sister Shirley. (She still lives in C.R.) My brother John Guy "Johnnie" Cartano. (Too many Johns so we called him Johnnie. He passed away a couple years after my mother). My oldest sister Margarite Joann -Cartano- Houser. (She lives alone in Grand Island, Nebraska. Her husband, Forrest, passed away a few years ago.) Bill & Lucille and the little guy in the front is me. I was about six and 4 years later mom had Linda Marie. We were a real family then and had fun and problems but I loved it. One of my favorite photos
because we were all together then.
7/30/2007 E-mail from Gary Cartano to Julie Cartano Rourke regarding family photographs that are in the photograph section of the Cartano Internet home page under the section entitled "Other Cartano Family Members."

I found the photo of Elfriede Lisle "Toni" Freshwater from back in 1985. My wife, Karen, and daughter Wendy went back to Iowa for my high school reunion. While we were their I decided to go out to the cemeteries in Cedar Rapids and Springfield and photo as many of the grave markers as I could find with
family on them. This is from where I got all the photos. While we were in Springfield, I called Toni and went to visit with her. This was the picture we took that day and one of her house (very country). A real sweetheart of a lady. She sent me a letter when we got back to L.A. thanking me for coming. I still have it if you would like, I can copy it, and e-mail you the contents. A lot of the tree that I built on for the Richard leg of the tree came from that visit that day. I was jotting down notes till the time we left. (as you can see in the picture). Here is some of the basic info we talked about that day.

Richard Andrew Cartano, born Dec. 9, 1870, died July 12, 1954. Married to Jennie Mae Campbell, B-Aug 11, 1870 D- Nov 2, 1914. Daughter of Russell and Olive McGee Campbell. President of the bank in Monticello, Iowa

Richard and Jennie Mae had 3 children oldest of which was Olive Margarite Cartano, (who later married Byron Able). Olive was born Feb. 18, 1896 and died in 1978 at 82 years old. She and Byron had a son Richard E. Able who lived in Cedar Rapids and worked for N.W. Mortgage.

The second of the 3 was Wilber R. "Cuddy" Cartano Born Aug 13, 1897 and died July 7, 1972. Oh, my mom must have really liked or had been friends with Cuddy and his wife Blanch B. Thompson because when I grew up she spoke of him quite frequently.They were like distant cousins and friends with mom and dad. They had 4 children, Carol Ann Cartano, Richard Bruce Cartano whom I believe she said lives in Alamo California, David Cartano, and Lawrence Cartano.

The third of the three children of Richard and Jennie was none other than our Elfriede Lisle "Toni" Cartano, who later married Freshwater (never did get her husband's name). She had 2 (maybe 3) children Jack and Nancy and I started to write a third and stopped?

Hope some of this helps. I will try to clarify my notes on Toni's family better. I just can't find that paperwork on her children.
10/1/2007 Hello fellow Cartano family. I am the daughter of Joseph Earl Cartano. I believe he grew up in Annamosa Iowa the son of Guy and Alice Troy Cartano. They moved at some point to Cedar Rapids. My father changed his last name during the depression to Nelson. We were told that it was changed to receive employment. I know my father had 2 brothers. Bob and Bill. As I lived in New York State I knew very little about my Cartano family. I feel so blessed to have found this website. I feel connected in a wonderful way. Thank you for your work. I have moved to Missouri and feel I have come home to my roots. Again, thank you. If you have any information about my grandfather, Guy Cartano. I would appreciate knowing who he was, good or bad.Thanks again, Susan N. Porter
10/3/2007 E-mail from Susan Cartano Nelson Porter to David Cartano

Dear David, Guy Cartano was the only son of John ( Honest) and Sarah. My fathers picture is on internet pictures being held by his grandfather, John. I found a cousin Gary, son of Bill Cartano. He has been quite
helpful and filled in lots of blanks and even sent pics. Thank you so much for adding me to the Cartano email. I truly feel appreciative of all you have done. Sincerely, Susan Cartano Nelson Porter
10/3/2007 E-mail from Julie Cartano Rourke:

Susan Nelson Porter is a great-granddaughter of "Honest John" Cartano. Her father, Joseph Earl (Cartano) Nelson has not shown up on your family tree before with brothers Robert Guy Cartano and William Cartano. They were all sons of Guy John Cartano, and grandsons of "Honest John" Cartano. Gary Cartano who has been adding to this website is the son of William Cartano, and Janelle Marie Cartano Lauer who corresponded during the past year, is a great-granddaughter of William Cartano.
10/4/2007 E-mail from Janelle Marie Cartano Lauer:

Erma (my grandmother) was married to John Guy Cartano. They had Jeffrey Lee Cartano (my father) and my mother's name was Jane Ann Eggert (now Pini).

I have two children. Savannah Jane Lauer (age 10) and Anthony John Lauer (age 6).

10/4/2007 E-mail from Susan Cartano Nelson Porter to Julie Cartano Rourke:

Hi Julie! I am so happy to meet you! I feel so blessed to have found all of you! I can't tell you how long I have had questions about my Cartano family. Gary has been really helpful and sent quite a few pictures and filled in lots of blanks. I am having trouble opening your attachments and wondered if you would send them to Susan401@yahoo.com I think I might be able to open them easier. Highpoint people is one of my careers. We are an HR consulting firm. Microsoft Outlook can be a pain sometimes..I have uploaded all of the Cartano pictures that Gary sent me to Webshots. I have started an album called Cartano Family. If you look for Susan401 at that site you can view them. I will add anything you send to me. I really would love the picture of Honest John holding my father that is on the Cartano site. Thanks Julie. If I can be of further help please let me know. My Father, Joseph Earl Cartano Nelson was born March 20, 1907. His DOD was July 11, 1965. I was 13 he was 58. My Mother was Eleanore Gibbs Schewe Nelson Born January 19. 1917 DOD December 23 1999. I also had a sister who was hit by a car when she was 5. Her name was Joelle Elaine Nelson Born June, 1945 Died November 1950. I was born 2 years later May 15, 1952. We were the only children of Joseph and Eleanore. I believe my father had 2 other daughters from a previous marriage. I think they lived in Maryland. I had never been able to find them. Thanks again Julie Hope we can talk soon. Love, Susie
10/4/2007 E-mail from Gary Cartano to Julie Cartano Rourke

Susie is my cousin. I just got back from Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2 days ago and had an e-mail from her. I have been in contact with her the last couple of days and have been trying to fill her in on the tree. She has always been on my tree along with hundreds of others. I just can't seem to find time to set down an enter all of this so that every one knows what I do. Susan is my Uncle Joe's daughter who lived in Elmira, N.Y. She married and remarried and is living in Missouri now. The family didn't know where she lived and I haven't seen her since she was 5 years old. (I was about 12). She was tickled to have finally found (thanks to the computer and the efforts already put into the "Family Tree") our family and HER family in Iowa. While I was in C.R. I watched Janelle on TV but did not get to meet or talk to her. She is a singer and performs at a night club in Marion, Iowa regularly and all over the mid west occasionally. They televise the show on KCRG at 11pm every Saturday night, locally in C.R. Before I left I had e-mailed Janelle but she didn't seem interested OR have time to meet me, so I just let it go and spent my time with my sisters and their families which was why I had gone to C.R. in the first place. I took my sisters out to Cedar Memorial Cemetery and they showed me where all the "new entries" have been buried since I was there last. Then I drove them out to Springville and showed them the CARTANO plots because they had never been there and was interested in seeing and hearing about Anton and Caroline Sophia CARTANO. Sorry if I sound like I am dragging my feet but as I discussed with my sisters and they agreed, our side of this wasn't all peaches and cream family. Since I was able to meet some of my new Grand Nieces and Nephews I have renewed my faith in the off-spring of our family. They were ALL just a delight to talk and be with. I have a nephew who is a preacher in Cedar Rapids whom I hadn't seen since he was a little boy. We had some great talks and his wife and 3 boys were a delight to be around and talk with. My sister Joann came from Nebraska with her daughter Lisa and grand daughter Rebecca and I took the training wheels off her bike and in less the 1/2 hour I had her riding the bike on her own up and down the sidewalk and U turning in
driveways. She was so thrilled. ( See Photo above). All-in-all it was a great trip. I really needed to do that.
Thanks for writing.
Gary Cartano
10/5/2007 E-mail from Gary Cartano to Julie Rourke:

My oldest sister's name is Margerite "Joann" (Cartano) Houser (12-27-1928)
My brother's name WAS John Guy Cartano (8-19-1930 to 1-9-92)
My next sister's name is Shirley Ann (Cartano) Pazour (7-10-1932)
I came next, Gary Edward Cartano (2-24-1942)
Then my last sister Linda Marie (Cartano) Decker (3-11-1952)

We are the 5 decendants of Wifred "Bill" and Lucille Mary (Grimm) Cartano
Wilfred (aka William John Cartano) son of Guy and Mary "Alice" Troy (we
called her Nona).

Guy born 1877-1930 was the only child of "Honest" John Cartano who was married to Sarah Elizebeth "Lizzy" Elston.

My father's two brothers were Joseph Earl (Cartano) Nelson (Born March 20, 1907. Died July, 1965 I believe) and Robert Guy Cartano (Born January 21, 1914 Died 1993 that is all I have). I will get the detail date later.

My father "Bill" Born March 15, 1909 died Oct 25, 1956

Each of these 3 families I will answer in a later e-mail. Uncle Jo had 3 wives. #1 Virginia Nevill (son Roger died at birth - no children). #2 Audrey had 2 girls Joan and Patricia "Patty Ann" #3 was Elenore Gibbs who had Joel and Susie.

As I said I will be talking to Tommy but I don't have any idea where he and his brother came from. My mother and aunts and sisters failed to fill me in on them but I will find out and continue this later.

Uncle Joe was quite a man. I have stories on him and I am sure Tommy and Susie will add to all of this. (See added picture above) The grew up in Elmira, NY. The 3 boys in picture l-r Joe, Bill and Bob. My dad worked in a meat packing plant during the war and they felt he was more important there, feeding the troops, than in the war as was his brothers.
10/5/2007 E-mail from Colin Roth to Julie Cartano Rourke:

>>> "Colin Roth" <colin1972@hotmail.com> 10/05/06 08:03AM >>>

Dear Julie,

Thank you very much for email and information in regard to Robert Embree and Trace Cartano!! It has been most helpful! I did a quick look and I believe I found two census records for the family of Trace Cartano and Nathan Embree which I will include for you below. I just have a couple questions which I am wondering if perhaps you could answer?

1. You wouldn't by any chance happen to know if Stephen and Kenneth Anderson still live in the Saint Louis area? These two men would be distant cousins of mine, as their grandmother Jessie Urquhart was a niece to my own great grandmother Margaret Smith Urquhart.

2. I guess you wouldn't happen to have Jessie "Urquhart" Embree's death date or place? I guess she too died in St. Louis? Unfortunately I am not seeing any potential Social Security Death index records for either Robert Embree or Jessie "Urquhart" Embree.

June 2 1900 Census Brown, Linn, Iowa

1. Nathan N. Embree, 31 years old born May 1869, born in Ohio, father born in Ohio, mother born in Pennsylvania
2. Trace C. Embree, wife, 27 years old born June 1872, born in Iowa, parents both in Germany
3. Erma T. Embree, daughter, 3 years old born April 1897 born in Iowa, father born in Ohio, mother born in Iowa

January 20, 1920 Census Madrid, Boone, Iowa at 606 South Water Street

1. Nathan N. Embree, 50 years old agent at Rail Road Depot
2. Trace Embree, wife, 47 years old
3. Robert Embree, son 10 years old
4. Mary Embree, mother, 80 years old

The following should be Nathan Embree's family in 1880

June 10, 1880 Census Marion, Morgan, Ohio

1. Robert Embree, 40 years old, farmer, born in Ohio, parents both born in Ohio
2. Mary L. Embree, 40 years old, born in Pennsylvania, parents both born in Pennsylvania
3. Nathan A. Embree, 11 years old, born in Ohio
4. Edward Embree, 6 years old, born in Ohio
5. Walter J. Embree, 4 years old, born in Ohio

I have to end this email for now, but I see Nathan's brother Edward had a big family in the 1910 Census for Marion, Morgan, Ohio.

Thank you once again!!

>From: "Rourke" <rourke2@comcast.net>
>To: <colin1972@hotmail.com>
>CC: "David Cartano" <dcartano@bkolaw.com>
>Subject: Re: Robert Embree (son of Trace Cartano) and Jesse Urquhart
>Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006 23:15:06 -0700
>I saw your posting on Geneology.com Home Surnames Embree Family Forum dated Apr. 22, 2006. If you will go to Cartano.net, you will find Robert Embree's ancestors listed under Terace "Trace" Cartano Embree. She was 2nd of 16 children born to my great-grandparents, Anton and Caroline Klein Cartano,who emigrated from Germany and settled in Pottsville, PA, and later Springville, IA where they are buried. Trace married Charles? Embree and had a daughter Erma and a son, the one you are interested in, John Robert Embree, born 1909 . He became an electrical engineer in St. Louis. He had >a daughter who married Don Anderson. They had two sons, Kenneth and Stephen Anderson.

My father knew Trace and by all accounts, she was quite an amazing lady. Following are my notes taken from the Cartano.net website. Feel free to post any further information there or in an email to me. Thanks.

Julie Cartano Rourke rourke2@comcast.net
10/5/2007 E-mail from Janelle Marie Cartano Lauer:

>>> "Janelle Lauer" <janellelauer@hotmail.com> 10/05/06 07:52AM >>>

My grandfather also had another son, Christian Cartano, with another woman....whose names escapes me at this moment. I heard that Christian got married not that long ago, but Shirley may have more information on all of that!

Also, my mom and dad were never married. I don't know if that affects your chart or not, but I thought I should make sure that you were aware of that.

Thanks for all your hard work on this!

10/6/2007 Margaret Cartano Hewes transcribed this from a promotional advertisement that was played nationally during World War II to recruit workers to build and rehabilitate vessels in the shipyards and to bolster national commitment to World War II. Other military personnel were featured on similar broadcasts.

~ Radio Special ~

"For every American's war . . ."

The John Cartano Story

In this dramatic story, which you hear James tell, Bethlehem Steel, builders of ships for victory, brings you a message, which we cannot afford to forget.

He was always a great sports fan. He loved baseball, football and basketball, and played a darn good game of golf and tennis. His dad loved these games, too, and they played a lot together, all this was back in their hometown of Seattle Washington.

By the way, we're talking about John D. Cartano of that city. John did a good job of playing the game of life, too. He graduated from both high school and college with honors. Then he became a successful practicing attorney in a Seattle law firm. Finally, he decided to get into the biggest game that's being played right now, the game of war to victory.

He's now Lieutenant John D. Cartano of the United States Navy. The U.S.S. John Penn, a transport cargo ship, was just off Guadal Canal. It was August 13, 1943, and she was bringing to a large troop fighting in
the Solomon's area a much-needed cargo of ammunition.

Suddenly out of the sky screamed a formation of Jap torpedo planes. One enemy plane put her fish right through the engine room of the John Penn. A terrific explosion tore a great hole in the vessel and almost immediately she was a blazing popping inferno. Nearby lying off Guadal Canal was an army patrol craft, the USS APC 25. Her commanding officer, Navy Lieutenant John D. Cartano, saw what was happening to the helpless transport. While the radio communications systems in the vicinity crackled with various opinions on what should be done, he had already made up his mind. In those radio contacts, they were agreeing that it would be too dangerous for other vessels to approach the burning exploding USS Penn.

It appeared obvious that there was little chance of saving anyone. The danger of getting anywhere near that exploding inferno was great. But Lt. Cartano and his small craft was already proceeding at full speed toward the quickly sinking cargo ship.

The USS Penn went down twenty minutes after the torpedo struck. The sea around the sinking ship was aflame with burning oil. But Lt. Cartano brought his small craft in as close as he dared and began the job of picking up survivors. He realized he would have to work fast.

Some of the men in the water had on life jackets, but others, and among them were many wounded, had none. Lt. Cartano got search, rescue, and first aid parties into action immediately. He and his men worked hard, and they worked fast, and later when they counted the survivors, they found Lt. Cartano's little patrol craft had pulled out 33 men. The USS Penn's Capt. Roberts suffering from a bad shoulder and burns turned up among the survivors, too. The rescued were given pajamas and coveralls for something to wear, and as they lined up on the beach for roll call to check the missing, another alarm sounded. The Jap planes were coming again and Lt. Cartano's rescue had been effective just in time.

For his courageous action and splendid initiative, Lt. Cartano was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal. Yes, it's men like Lt. Cartano who are showing what courage and initiative can accomplish in the conduct of this war, but without ships this war would be impossible. Ships of all kinds are urgently needed to carry a live cargo and to fight the enemy. Men are needed now with or without shipyard experience at the Hobocan Yard of Bethlehem Steel Company to repair, recondition and convert ships required for war

Here is your chance to get directly behind our boys. Men not in essential industry, also veterans or those classified as 4F or otherwise draft deferred, can learn a technical trade that pays while learning.
10/6/2007 E-mail from Julie Cartano Rourke:

>>> "Rourke" <rourke2@comcast.net> 10/06/06 07:50PM >>>
Following is Honest John Cartano's baptismal record from St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Schuylkill County (Pottsville area), PA in 1852. I have noted the web address for this material which is quoted below:


"Church Records: Some Marriage, Baptism and Death Records from St. John the Bapist Catholic Church between 1845-1860, Schuylkill county … Translated into English and same order: Birthdate; Baptism; Name of infant; Name and place of Origin of Parents and Village now; Name of grandfather; Name with place of Origin of Godparents; ...The pastor in each case except two marked ^ was Daniel Oberholzer...
[skipped to...]
Sept 18 Oct 10 Joannes Antonius Cartano ex Bavaria et Carolina nata Klein ex Borussia----Grossader---; Joannes; Joannes Herz ex Bavaria and Josephina Pruh ex Baden".

Note from Julie: the interesting thing here is that Joannes, a Latinized form of John because these records were in Latin at the Catholic Church, is not only listed as the infant Honest John's name, but also as the name of his GRANDFATHER, who would be Anton Cartano's father! I had not known the name of Anton's father to this point. Of course we don't know if he was named "John" in Germany, or some other German version of John.
10/10/2007 E-mail from Richard Hewes:

>>> "Hewes, Richard" <Richard.Hewes@maine.gov> 10/10/06 07:31AM >>>
In summary, among the Infants baptized by Pastor Josephus Burg at St. John the Bapist Roman Catholic Church, Schuylkill County, PA, between 1845 and 1860 (some references in latin) was Joanne?, probably a sister of Daniel Cartano:

1852: Sept 18 Oct 10 Joannes -- Antonius Cartano ex [from, out of] Bavaria et [and] Carolina nata Klein ex [from, out of] Borussia [Prussia -- Northern germany; The Kingdom of Prussia was a kingdom from
1701-1918 and was a leading state of the German Empire from 1871 to 1918, comprising almost two-thirds of the area of the Empire] Grossader [Possibly a town in Prussia from which Caroline emmigrated?, or maybe a name in her family?] ---; Joannes [presumably the name of the Cartano child baptized]; Joannes Herz ex Bavaria and Josephina Pruh ex Baden [??].