2004 News and Developments
Date News and Developments
2/17/2004 Jill Cartano received the most outstanding religious student award for January 2004 from Blanchet High School. The Cartano Internet Home Page received the following comments from the Cartano family members regarding this award:

Margaret Cartano Hewes: "You can bet Jane and Julie didn't get that one!"

Anna Gasgoine: "Religion is not the ticket to heaven."

Robert Cartano: "Genetics!"

Jill Cartano: "Hey Uncle David, I have a very important announcement to make. I have upheld your tradition and have earned the religion student of the month award at my school. I am proud to know that I am as pious and perfect as you are, Uncle David. Now I know just how hard it is to be the most religious person ever. I can definitely relate."
3/19/2004 Anna Cartano Gasgoine sent the following e-mail message:

baby elaina born thirty minutes ago to Steve and Angela, Anna
3/21/2004 Anna Cartano Gascoigne published her first book on the Internet, "Five Wards, One God." "True story but names have been changed to protect the guilty."
4/1/2004 Jack Savard received a certificate of merit from his school.
4/8/2004 Ann Cartano Gascoigne announced that her daughter, Alicia Jane Gascoigne, would be married to Philip Nathanael Lydick on Saturday, June 12, 2004 in Woodinville, Washington.
4/4/2004 John D. Cartano celebrated his 95th birthday at his residence in Bellevue, Washington. Joan Cartano Savard organized a Sunday brunch party for family members. There were egg dishes, chocolate cake, French toes with blueberries, strawberries, about five different types of cinnamon rolls, pastries from Arthur's Bakery, fruit cup, quiche, balloons and flowers, and enough food to feed everyone for several days. Julie Cartano Rourke hired some Asian gardeners who cleaned up all the gardens and put bark in the gardens. Bob Cartano to pictures with the new lens on his camera.
7/6/2004 Margaret Cartano Hewes forwarded the following e-mail regarding the Hoyt family:

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Subject: Hoyt family


My brother forwarded your e-mail (which you sent to Deerfield) concerning the Hoyts. I'm delighted to find another Hoyt descendant. My line is: Simon, Nicholas, David, Benjamin, Benjamin, Samuel, William, Nathan Gould, William, William, and Ethelyn (my grandmother). Nathan Gould moved to Ohio in 1852 and most of my research has been on his family and forward; although I have traveled to Mass. and Conn. many times and followed their trail, visiting libraries and the towns where they lived. I have been to Deerfield several times. I also visited England about 1990 and visited Upwey where the Hoyts supposedly came from, but newer research seems to indicate they didn't come from Upwey. Too bad! It was a beautiful little village and we were able to go into the church. Are you familiar with "Hoyts' Issue"? I subscribed to it several years but unfortunately it is no longer being published. The Hoyts have always been my favorite ancestors because of my grandmother.I 'm interested in hearing from you and learning who your Hoyt ancestors are. I do have some additional information on the early Hoyts besides the information in the Hoyt Family History. Feel free to ask me any questions you have. I have been organizing one family history a year for my "cousins" and hope to work on the Hoyts next year. I will only follow the direct ancestors until I get to nathan Gould. Then I will include all the siblings. Looking forward to hearing from you.

7/6/2004 MessageFrom Helene Cartano Marcelia

Subject: Geena Marcelia - Summer reading assignment

This may be of interest to you. Geena Marcelia, in your 7th grade LA class, was telling me about her summer reading assignment - The Ransom of Mercy Carter. I told her that the story was similar to what happened to one of our relatives. As we compared notes, we discovered that one of the characters in the book, Sarah Hoyt, is Geena's auntie (with many great greats in front of it). We are related to Benjamin Hoyt. Benjamin was Sarah's brother and escaped the Indian capture in Deerfield by hiding in a grain bin. My dad has this documented somewhere in his files. Geena and I are hoping to find his notes. I found this on the web:

Attack on Deerfield
February 29, 1704
Jonathan Hoyt was 15 years old when the attack occurred, just before dawn on February 29, 1704. Led by French raiders, the party included Wôbanakiak, Kanienkehaka (Mohawks), Pennacooks, Wendats (Hurons), and Iroquois of the Mountain. A small number of the attackers scaled the wall of the palisade and opened the gate for the others, nearly three hundred in all.

The sleeping village was rudely awakened to the sounds of screams, shouts and discharging firearms. The Hoyts, whose small house was probably located near the north end of the enclosure, had no time to prepare for the attack. Wendats and Wôbanakiak burst into the Hoyts' small shelter and those of their neighbors, John Stebbins and Simon Beaman, and captured nearly all the members of those three families. (1) Throughout the village, all manner of reactions took place. Some fled, or attempted to flee, and were killed; some submitted to capture and became prisoners; others escaped capture and death by hiding.

David, Sr., and his wife Abigail, were taken captive. Their daughter Sarah, age 17; Jonathan, age 15; Ebenezer, age eight; and Abigail, age two-and-one-half were also seized and prepared to march to Canada as prisoners. According to family tradition, 12-year-old Benjamin escaped captivity by hiding in a bin of grain. Jonathan's older brother, David, Jr., age 28, his wife Mary and their daughter Mary were staying in the nearby house of Benoni Stebbins, where the occupants successfully repelled repeated assaults by the raiders. David, Jr., was one of the brave men who fell later that morning, in the meadows fight, futilely chasing the enemy who fled with their 111 captives.

Jonathan Hoyt - Prologue | Attack on Deerfield | The March | Parting Ways | Epilogue | About This Narrative |

Helene Marcelia
35-68 206-662-6004
off-site: 425-451-1905
7/29/2004 Ann Cartano Gascoigne said the following message regarding her son, David:

Nadine is a wonderful gal. She won the award at Teen Camp for camper of the week, last year. This year she won for piano, story telling and singing. She wants to be a missionary, too. She and David write letters back and forth (Olympia). Hope all is well with you and Jennifer and the kids. Love Anna
8/20/2004 Maureen Cartano sent the following e-mail:

Joe just left on Saturday for an internship with Intel. He will be in the Boston hi-tech corridor until Christmas. Working where they have a big Pentium plant in Hudson, Mass. just outside of Boston. He is living in Worcester. So far we have only heard from him on Sunday so we don't have news yet about his first day. He will miss fall quarter and is depressed about missing fall Figi activities and Husky football, but he will be back for the GOOD team, basketball, in December.
11/9/2004 E-mail from Gary Cartano:

My nephew just informed me of this web site. Very impressive. My question: Is this site still active and can it be added to and corrected???

As you may or may not know, I started on a tree of my own back in the 70's. Then I met up with David in LA in the 80's and got a whole new outlook on the "Clan". Then the computer took hold of me and I put the whole thing into the computer in the 90's. Then in 2002 I lost it from my computer, but had it saved on disc and on a laptop. I updated my new computer an entered it into that. Cleaned off all my discs and laptop because I had everything saved on a CD. Switched my new computer from Windows 98 to XP, which reformatted my hard drive, but I didn't care because I had it all on CD. Put back in my program and went to load my data and could not find any of my CD's for back up. I had over 300 people in my tree and lost it all. Along with my business info, drawings, business card and flier layouts, resume' etc. Anyway this website and my nephew have spurred me to try again. So, here I am.

Starting with Anton and Caroline I have about 50 in my tree. A few minor corrections and dates that I could add to your current site, and many more that need to be integrated. From the list of Cartano's, a lot of these people need to be contacted and integrated into the proper part of the TREE.

If someone is still maintaining this tree, I would like them to contact me by e-mail so we can collaborate and start expanding this and learn more about the Cartano Clan.

My linage comes off the John (Honest John) Cartano branch. I am using an old version of Family Tree Maker to rebuild my tree. I wish I had some collaborating help but I have been on my own for 35 years with my side of the family tree. I assume that this comes from the Daniel Cartano branch of the tree in Seattle, WA.

Thanks for this, we need to continue to update this and get others to send in their e-mail addresses so we can contact and expand. The photo with Anton & Caroline with 11 of their children say to me that this should be completed.

Thanks for all that you have done.

Gary Cartano
Escondido, California (San Diego Area)