2002 News and Development
Date News and developments
5/15/02 Margaret Cartano Hewes sent the following message:

Jane will receive a varsity letter in tennis. She has had a very good season. Julie is playing for her middle school and is also looking good. We can't wait to see you in July. Did you hear that Joan is putting in a special bathroom in her basement just for us beachcombers! Yeah!
5/16/02 Maureen Cartano sent the following message:

Even though you are not here, wanted you to know we wish you were for the much anticipated festivities. I know you would just be dying to spend the evenings at these events!!!! Ha-

We are already looking forward to seeing you this summer.
Very busy here sports wise- Jill won the 100 meter last Saturday, 3rd in longjump (What?) and took a 2nd in 4x100 relay. Very fun. Joe off to state playoff game today in Prosser, near Yakima. Bob is in Chile til the weekend.

Joe will be at UW in the fall (yay David!) and is accepted early to the B-school, special freshman admission program. Also got a little money from UW and from Bob's company, so tuition is about paid for, just leaves room and board. He is looking at frats already. Hilarious. All the aunts have loads of advice. Jill will be at Blanchet, where Joe has gone, and also got a little scholarship. Whew. Lots going on.

Let us know how things are going. Early birthday wishes and kisses to Julie.
5/25/02 Margaret Cartano Hewes sent the following message:

Jane won her match in the
quarter finals 6-0, 6-3 and was she happy. She told the coach he could
count on her. She plays in the division semis on wed.
5/27/02 Julie Cartano Rourke sent the following message:

Check out our cousin Terry Bulman's web site, and especially her
curriculum vita. It goes on forever. She has more degrees than you do!


Are you finished with this quarter? How did finals go? Have a great
Memorial Day weekend. We're having a breakfast at Starbucks in Madison
Park on Monday for Helene's and Anna's birthdays. (Helene's is
tomorrow). Mom and Dad are doing fine.