2001 News and Developments
Date News and developments
1/1/01 Happy New Year to all Cartano families. Please email news and developments about the Cartano families to the Hollywood headquarters of the Cartano Enquirer, cartano@loop.com.
12/20/01 Julie Hewes, daughter of Margaret Cartano Hewes, received the following awards:

Seventh grade- Made Varsity field hockey team
Eighth grade- Captain of Varsity Field Hockey Team
Seventh grade- #4 girl's singles out of whole tennis team
Seventh grade-Language Arts Achievement Award
Seventh grade- Would have received a religion award, but did not take religion as a class.
Seventh+Sixth+Eighth- Effort Honor Roll and Honor Roll, High Honor Roll
Sixth, Seventh, Eight- Many awards in classes for various things (postive attitude, good worker, spirit)
3-5- Many awards in track for 800 meters and 1600 meters (All blue ribbons)
6-8- Civil Rights Team
Julie also served on the student council and participated in Chorus.
In 2001, Julie scored three goals in the soccer season, and was the top scorer.