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1/1/00 The Millennium Edition of the Cartano Family Tree is now available. Send your order for a free copy to Cartano Enquirer, Hollywood Headquarters, 532 South Norton Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90020
1/1/00 Thank you for your response to my email. I have just published a genealogical book about Bischmisheim and the ancestors of Carolina Klein Cartano (reaching partially until the early 17th century). This information is set forth below.

My postal address is:

Wolfgang Mudter
Wechslerstr. 22
D-64291 Darmstadt
Tel. +49-6151-377213

Kind regards

Wolfgang Mudter

Caroline Klein Cartano Family Tree:

KLEIN Johann Jacob, aus Es, 1722 Gerichtsmann
*1666R, ±23.11.1744 Bi
Sv Johannes u. NN Anna Catharina (¦27.11.1718), Es
oo 06.11.1691 Bi
LÜCK Anna Martha (Maria) <1127,5>
*1672R, +05.12.1753 Bi
1. Anna Catharina ~10.08.1692 Bi ¦14.10.1712 Bi
2. Joh. Wilhelm ~18.02.1695 Bi ¦20.01.1696 Bi
3. Joh. Stephan ~11.12.1696 Bi Y 1711 Bi
4. Joh. Wendel ~03.05.1699 Bi oo 1738 SCHMEER Maria Cath (815)
5. Catharina Elisabeth ~10.07.1701 Bi oo 1727 DEUTSCH Joh Georg (278)
6. Maria Magdalena ~12.03.1704 Bi ¦15.03.1704 Bi
7. Eva Catharina ~05.04.1705 Bi oo 1724 LUDT Joh Nickel (1046)
8. Joh. Peter ~19.07.1707 Bi oo 1734 TAUSEND Anna Marg (814)
9. Joh. Nickel ~26.04.1711 Bi Y 1725 Bi
10. Johann ~18.09.1713 Bi oo 1749 KUNTZ Cath Marg (817)
11. Joh. Georg ~25.03.1716 Bi oo 1753 LUDT Maria Martha (818)
12. Christina Maria ~26.06.1718 Bi oo 1742 SCHMEER Joh Philipp (1396)

Anm.: haben 1723 3 nkf. Söhne, 2 kf. und 1 nkf. Tochter bei sich wohnen. - Besitzt 1738 Haus 33 sowie 93 Äcker, 30 Wiesen und 11 Gärten von insgesamt 54 Morgen . Das Haus gehört 1761 (als Nr. 223) dem Sohn Wendel (815)

KLEIN Johann Georg, Ziegler <811,11>
~25.03.1716 Bi, +07.03.1763 Bi 'fallende Sucht'
oo 20.02.1753 Bi
LUDT Maria Martha, Hebamme <1044,2>
~30.06.1726 Bi, +17.06.1794 Bi
>> o-o 1765 (1052)
>> ooII. 29.08.1769 rSB MARIOT Christian, Bi (1135)
1. Joh. Georg *22.10.1753 Bi Y 1768 Bi
2. Maria Christiana *05.06.1756 Bi oo 1776 SCHMEER Joh Valentin (1406)
3. Carolina Sophia *17.09.1759 Bi o-o 1778 (824)
4. Georg Nickel *---.--.1762R oo DIENER Anna Cath (825)
5. Christian * siehe Anm.

Anm.: ist 1761 Besitzer von Haus 127 - zu Kd 5: 1798 bei Tod des MARIOT Christian (1135) ist Zg ein KLEIN Christian, 'Stiefsohn des Verstorbenen'

KLEIN Carolina Sophia, 1802 Tglr'in <818,3>
*17.09.1759 Bi , +19.11.1802 Bi, ledig
1. Maria Johannetta *---.--.1778R ue +20.11.1795 Bi
2. Jacob * u 1782 Sf ue oo 1803 SCHÜTZ Magd (832)

KLEIN Jacob, Ziegler, 1802 SfZh <824,2>
* u 1782 Sf ue, Y 1796 Bi +22.10.1811 Trier
oo 06.04.1803 Bi {eKB}
SCHÜTZ Magdalena, gen. 'Helena', 1826 Zieglerin in Neunkirchen <1598,3>
*1786R + n 1826
>> o-o 1817 (1600)
1. Joh. Christian *06.09.1802 Gü? ve VN lt. eKB ist Christian Thomas
2. Jacob *29.12.1804 Sf oo 1826 WAGNER Carolina Marg (840)
3. Susanna Sophia *29.01.1806 Bi oo 1826 HAMM Caspar (632)
4. Heinrich *01.08.1807 Bi oo MÜLLER Salome (847)
5. Philipp Jacob *17.02.1811 Bi

KLEIN Jacob, Ziegler <832,2>
*29.12.1804 Sf + v 1873 Amerika
oo 07.09.1826 Bi
WAGNER Carolina Margareta <1832,6>
*10.03.1807 Bi, +17.06.1855 Bi
1. Louisa Magdalena *21.12.1826 Bi oo 1844 SCHWINDT Peter (1636)
2. Carolina Sophia *02.02.1830 Bi

RIEM Johann Philipp, Ziegler <1311,5>
*16.02.1739 Bi, + n 1789
oo 26.01.1762 Bi
DEUTSCH Anna Magdalena <276,5>
*13.03.1731 Bi, +22.02.1797 Bi
1. Maria Johannetta *---.--.1762R Bi oo SCHÜTZ Nicolaus (1598)
2. Maria Catharina *06.03.1766 Bi +18.12.1768 Bi
3. Christian *26.07.1768 Bi +23.12.1770 Bi
4. Theobald *12.03.1771 Bi 1790 Gemeindsmann {DR}

Anm.: ersteigerte am 20.04.1774 die bisher von seinem Schwiegervater betriebene Ziegelhütte auf der Schafbrücke für 200 fl. - 1789 übernimmt diese der Schwiegersohn Nicolaus SCHÜTZ , da der Sohn Theobald (Kd 4) bei der fürstlichen Garde zu Pferde dient {LAS 22/2492}

SCHÜTZ Nicolaus, aus Wiebelskirchen, Ziegler
*1759R Wiebk, +17.06.1807 SfZH
Sv Peter (+07.04.1765), Ackerer u. LEMMES Anna Maria (+06.02.1798), Wiebelskirchen
RIEM Maria Johannetta, Bi <1313,1>
*1762R Bi, Y 1776 Bi, +08.11.1813 SfZH,
1. Elisabeth * u 1781 Sf? Y 1795 Bi
2. Peter *---.--.1784R SfZH Y 1798 Bi +08.07.1809 SfZH
3. Magdalena 'Helena' *---.--.1786R ooI. 1803 KLEIN Jacob (832)
o-o 1817 (1600)
4. Simon *--.08.1786 Sf oo 1807 KLEIN Louisa (1599)
5. Catharina Margareta *Frühj 1788 SfZH oo 1809 SCHWINDT Christian (1625)
6. Wilhelmina *14.11.1790 Sf oo 1813 SCHWINDT Michael (1629)
7. Maria Catharina *---.--.1793R Sf +22.01.1808 Sf
8. Maria Margareta *27.06.1795 SfZH o-o 1817 (1601)
9. Carolina *06.03.1799 SfZH oo 1820 WAGNER Georg Heinr (1844)
10. Catharina Elisabeth *20.05.1801 Sf o-o 1824 (1602)
oo 1833 SCHMEER Philipp Wilh (1445)
11. Ludwig *11.05.1803 SfZH +23.12.1807 SfZH
12. Carolina Dorothea *17.04.1805 Bi oo 1825 WAGNER Wilh Friedr. (1849)

Anm.: Übernimmt 1790 die Ziegelhütte auf der Schafbrücke von seinem Schwiegervater (1313). Wohn-haus und Ziegelhütte lassen die acht Kinder des Nickel SCHÜTZ am 22.02.1816 für 2.500 Franken ver-steigern; geht an Nickel KLEIN, Bi {R 53/12}.

WAGNER Johann Nickel, Weber <1817,1>
*13.11.1729 Bi
ooI. 26.10.1756 Bi
SCHMEER Maria Salome <1394,1>
~19.10.1728 Diemeringen, +01.06.1757 Bi 'Kindbetterin, zwar genesen,
hatte aber harte Geburt ausgestanden'
1. Christian *22.05.1757 Bi oo PFEILSTÜCKER Carolina Magd (1825)

1822 ( = voriger )
ooII. 21.04.1761 Bi
BROCH Maria Margareta <236,2>
*20.02.1743 Bi

1823 ( = voriger )
SCHMIDT Maria (Catharina) Margareta <1574,1>
1. Joh. Georg *---.--.1765R +13.07.1769 Bi
2. Philipp *19.10.1767 Bi
3. Nicolaus *31.03.1770 Bi oo 1794 GROSS Christina (1832)
4. Catharina Margareta *20.04.1773 Bi oo 1798 RENAUX Baptist Guill. (1308)
5. Joh. Georg *10.07.1776 Bi
6. Simon *---.--.1778R Bi oo 1805 WILHELM Anna Maria (1834)

Anm.: lt Fortschreibung des Bannbuchs v. 1761 {Bannbücher, Nr. 55/56} erben WAGNER Nickels Ehefrau und 4 Kinder II. (!) Ehe von der Witwe von Wilhelm SCHMIDT (1574)

WAGNER Nicolaus, Leinenweber <1823,3>
*31.03.1770 Bi, +17.12.1813 Bi
oo 18.04.1794 SA
GROSS Christina, aus Berg/Sw
*1770R Berg, +08.08.1846 Bi
Tv Johann Christian, Schulmeister u. EIFLER Maria Susanna, Berg/Sw
1. Magdalena *22.04.1796 Ma oo 1819 NEMENICH Joh Christian (1250)
2. Catharina Margareta *07.09.1798 Bi +26.07.1800
3. Joh. Nickel *20.07.1800 Bi {nur lt. oo-Urk}
oo 1820 BECKER Carolina Cath (1843)
4. Catharina Margareta *04.11.1802 Bi +05.09.1838 Bi
5. Wilhelm Friedrich *03.01.1805 Bi oo 1825 SCHÜTZ Carol Doroth (1849)
6. Carolina Margareta *10.03.1807 Bi oo 1826 KLEIN Jacob (840)
7. Sophia *24.02.1809 Bi oo 1831 HAMANN Ludwig (626)
8. Christian Carl *20.10.1811 Bi +18.04.1812 Bi

Anm.: ist 1822 wohl Besitzervon Haus 70

How to read the Caroline Klein Cartano Family Tree Part

1. Genealogical Presentation of Data in the Family Part

Families and persons are listed in alphabetic sequence of their surname. Within each surname, families are sequenced by date or presumable date of marriage. If no marriage date is known, the birth date of the first known child will be used. Such presentation of information will well illustrate the time sequence of the families within a given surname. Searching backward (ancestors) and forward (descendents) will be easy. The exception to the above would include families of husbands with multiple marriages. These families are always represented consecutively, i.e. with consecutive family numbers, without repeating the husband's details.

Regarding the main surname either the variation used today or the variation used most frequently was selected. Variations of spelling are mentioned in the family block of the first occurring surname. They will be referred to in the register of names.

Each family / person has a unique number. Mothers with illegitimate children are represented as families. All previous or subsequent marriages of wives will be referenced in each respective family block. Reference will also be made to previous or subsequent illegitimate children of the wife. Marriages that took place in Bischmisheim but did not leave any genealogical traces are not represented as separate family blocks. This is mostly evident in cases where couples got married in Bischmisheim, and then moving away to another community. However, all marriage details as far as known will be given in the child line of each spouse. In many cases, reference is made to family books of other communities for further genealogical research.

For each event (birth,baptism,confirmation, marriage, funeral) the locality is also shown. It makes it easy to recognize movements of the family and its members. When data is attained from foreign sources, reference is made to such source material. (see list of references)

2. The Family Block Details

The family block starts with the names and the personal data (religion, occupation and further chronological details) of the husband. The second line contains dates, locations and additional information about birth and death. For husbands with no further reference in the book, details of his parents will be given in the third line. In all other cases, the < family number > will designate the family block of his parents.

The next line shows date and location of marriage, as far as known. In some cases an approximate date will be shown for a chronological orientation.

The portion for the wife in the following lines is built in the same way.

All known children are mentioned with all birth/baptism details. This includes those who were stillborn, or had died at infancy. This is very important for cases where gaps in the church registers have to be "reconstructed". However, the sequence of the children can be doubtful, especially when birth details are not fully available.

When a particular child got married the following information is shown:

- year of marriage and name of the spouse referencing his or her own ( family number )

In case of no further mention within the family part:

- date and location of marriage, name and details of spouse and his parents, eventually with reference ? to a family book in preparation

3. Register of Names

It contains all surnames, variations and up to two first names mentioned in family blocks and comments. Also, all maiden names of the wives can be found here. However, no reference is made to citizens or house owners lists. Such references are incorporated within the family blocks.

4. Register of Localities

For each locality all family numbers are shown. Because of lack of space many locality names are abbreviated as following:

- very frequent localities by two characters (see symbols and abbreviations)
- some others in a self-explanatory short form

The above mentioned abbreviations are also shown in the register following the full name of locality. Localities which could not be clearly localized are marked with its presumed location.

5. References

Most references are cited in short form such as [Dudw-1,381] or {LAS 22/2491}. These short forms are listed in alphabetic sequence referring to the complete bibliographic data. Information about ownership of houses and land results from the attached lists of inhabitants without detailing the source of information in all cases.

Marginal written comments in documents are marked in short form. {Rv ooKB} means that the information is taken from a comment of the marital document in the church register.

The short notations of notary acts {R.../...) are explained in the list of references including guidelines on how to access the documents in the relevant archives.

6. Translations of frequently used German Words

Acker farm land
Ackerer farmer
Ackersmann farmer
Altsitzer retired
Angaben data
auch also
aus from
ausgewandert emigrated
Bäcker baker
Bahnarbeiter railway worker
Beruf occupation
Besitzer(in) owner( )
Bruder brother
Buerge guarantor
Buergschaft guaranty
Daten data
Dienstknecht servant, farm laborer
Eltern parents
Erbe(n) heir(s)
Foerster forester
Fuhrmann carter
Garten garden
Geburt birth
gefallen fallen (as soldier)
Gemeindevorsteher mayor
Gemeindsmann community man
Haus house
Heirat marriage
Hirt shepherd
Hofmann courtier
Huettenarbeiter steel worker
Hufschmied blacksmith
Jaeger hunter
Jahr(e/en) year(s)
Alter age
Kalkbrenner limeburner
Kaufmann business man
Kettenschmied (chain) smith
Kind(er) child(ren)
Knecht servant, farm laborer
Kuefer cooper
Kuhhirt shepherd (cows)
ledig single
Lehrer teacher
Leinenweber linen-weaver
Magd servant, farm girl
Maurer bricklayer
Meier mayor
Meister, ...meister master, master of ...
Metzger butcher
Mueller miller
Mutter mother
nicht mehr erwaehnt no longer mentioned
Notarakte notary act
Pate godfather
Patin godmother
Pfarrer priest, vicar
Rohrformer steelworker
Sandformer sandformer (steel industry)
Schaefer shepherd
Schlosser locksmith
Schmied blacksmith
Schneider taylor
Schreiner carpenter
Schuhmacher shoemaker
Schullehrer teacher
Schulmeister teacher
Schuster shoemaker
Schweinehirt shepherd (pigs)
Schwester sister
siehe see
Sohn son
Steinbrecher quarryman
Taufe baptism
Tochter daughter
Tod death
unbekannt unknown
Vater father
vermutlich presumable
Versteigerung auction
voriger previous
Wald forest
Weber weaver
Wiese(n) pasture
Wirt innkeeper
wohl probably
Wohnort residence
Ziegler limeburner, brickmaker
Zuordnung nicht gesichert relationship uncertain

Symbols and Abbreviations

a. Genealogical Symbols

* = born
*+ = stillborn
*.....R = calculated birth date
~ = baptized
Y = confirmed
o-o = not married, concubinage
o|o = divorced
oo = marriage/married
+ = died
? = buried
X = fallen (as soldier)

n/u/v/zw = after/about/before/between
(only in connection with above symbols)

b. Religions

ev = evangelic (Lutheran)
rf = reformed
rk = roman catholic

c. General

Ack = farmer
Anm. = comment
Bgm = (coal) miner
Ehfr = wife
Ehm = husband
Fam = family
FB = family book
fl. = Florin/Guilder (Currency)
FN = surname
gen. = called (given name)
KB = church register
Kd = child(ren)
Kr = Kreuzer (Currency)
Mtg = message
NN = (sur)name)
Pt. = godfather, godmother
Rth. = Reichsthaler (Currency)
Rv ... = marginal comment
So / To = son / saughter
Sv = Son of
Tglr (in) = day laborer
Tv = daughter of
ue = illegitimate
ve = premarital
veHa = premarital, acknowledged at marriage
VN = first name(s)
Wb = widower
Wwe (r) = widow(er)
Zg = witness
zit. = cited
ZR/ZSR = civil data register
? = reference to family book in progress

d. Locations

Bi = Bischmisheim
Br = Brebach
Bu = Burbach
Bü = Buebingen
Du = Dudweiler
Eh = Ensheim
Es = Eschringen
Fe = Fechingen
Fü = Fuerstenhausen
Gü = Guedingen
Gw = Gersweiler
Jä = Jaegersfreude
Kl = Klarenthal
Ma = Malstatt
Nk = Neunkirchen
Ow = Ottweiler
SA = St. Arnual
Sb = Saarbruecken
SI = St. Ingbert
SJ = St. Johann
Su = Sulzbach
Vö = Voelklingen

for communities with multiple religions and parishes the preceding character (e,k,r)
indicates the parish religion:

e.g.. eSJ = evangelic, St. Johann
kSJ = catholic, St. Johann
rSb = reformed, Saarbruecken

e. Other

For space reasons very common first names are sometimes abbreviated such as:

Aa = Anna;
Cath./Cathar. = Catharina
J/Joh = Johann
Joes = Johannes
Ma = Maria
Magd = Magdalena
Marg = Margaretha
{ } / [ ] = source of information
4/16/00 Julie Cartano Rourke wrote the following memo regarding Jane and John Cartano's move from the family house to a retirement home in Bellevue, Washington:

Hi all -- we did it!!! I can't believe they are finally in their new
place at Sunrise!

Meals at Sunrise are
8:45 Breakfast
12:45 Lunch
5:45 Dinner

You are welcome to join them for meals. Sign up at the main desk to get
a "ticket" or call ahead to Sunrise at (425) 401-5152. They appreciate
1 day ahead if it's more than one guest, but it's not absolutely
necessary. Cost of meals are Breakfast $5, Lunch $7, Dinner $6. (Lunch
is their main meal). You can pay at the desk when you come, or it can
be put on Dad's bill. I'm not sure how he feels about paying. We need
to work that out. The meals are great, by the way. They have a dessert
tray and ice cream at lunch and dinner. Dad loves it.

Regarding the house, nothing is to be removed from the house. It is
still Dad's house. He will be gardening, paying bills, etc. Don't move
anything or he will have a fit. It is his extended house. Margaret and
David need to "ask permission" when they come to visit.

Many thanks to Joan and Helene who did the moving planning and
decorating, which was a huge job! Thanks to Dave for helping me to
smooth over the financial arrangements with Dad!

They are very happy to be together again. Dad's has already walked the
mall, and plans to explore the park today. This will be so good for his
health. They have very nice caregivers who are attending to Mom's
needs. Keep your fingers crossed that Mom's health can remain stable
for awhile.

See you Sunday at Sunrise for Dad's birthday party (2-4 pm)!

One more thing: Dad would like us to knock before coming in his place.
However, he may not hear you, so you can always have the desk call his
number if you are unsure about what to do.

4/16/00 Margaret Cartano Hewes wrote the following message regarding her vacation plans in Seattle:

The good news (for us, at least) is the girls and I will be in Seattle on
August 16 through the 28th. Jane found good flights on Expedia so we are
going for it.

Itinery: Continental but operated by Northwest???

July 16
Leave Manchester, NH Fl 6833 9:10 A.M.
Arrive Seattle, Fl 5279 from Detroit 2:04 P.M

July 28

Leave Sea Fl 5430 8:45 A.M.
Arrive Manchester, Fl. 5994 from Detroit 7:27 P.M.

----- Original Message -----
From: Jill Cartano <cartano@hotmail.com>
5/13/00 Margaret Cartano Hewes received a new degree, Masters of Teaching and Learning, University of Southern Maine, May 13, 2000. This is her third degree.
7/20/00 The following information was found at the following WebSite:


72. Blanche Bernice Thompson was born on 23 Jun 1898 in Hopkinton farm, Del. Co., Iowa. She was christened. She died. She was buried.

She was married to Wilbur Richard Cartano on 28 Jun 1922. Wilbur Richard Cartano was born on 13 Aug 1897 in Monticello, Iowa. He died on 7 Jul 1972 in Venice, Florida. He was christened. He was buried in Ewing Funeral, Venice, Florida. Blanche Bernice Thompson and Wilbur Richard Cartano had the following children:

593 i. Carol Anne Cartano was born on 4 Jul 1923. She was christened. She died. She was buried.
+594 ii. Richard Bruce Cartano was born on 3 Jul 1925. He was christened. He died. He was buried.
595 iii. David Garvin Cartano was born on 6 Apr 1935. He was christened. He died. He was buried.
596 iv. Laurence Alan Cartano was born on 7 Nov 1938. He was christened. He died. He was buried.
7/9/00 David G. Cartano was a co-author of the following publication:

Everett M. Rogers and David G. Cartano, “Methods of Measuring Opinion Leadership,” Public Opinion Quarterly 26:439–41 (Fall 1962).

Tony Cartano is listed as the author the following publications at the following WebSite:


Cartano, Tony Bel Arturo F CAR
Cartano, Tony Bocanegra : roman R CAR b
Cartano, Tony Dernier soir avant la fin du monde F CAR
Cartano, Tony Opéra : roman R CAR o
Cartano, Tony Singe hurleur R CAR s
Cartano, Tony Souffle de Satan F CAR


Cartano, Tony. - Mister Sax : roman / Tony Cartano. - Paris : Albin Michel, 1999. - 184 p. ; 23 cm
ISBN 2-226-10849-1. R254510660
- BCU/R magasins * cote:RMA 12281
10/22/00 Anna Cartano Gascoigne sent the following message regarding her daughter, Angela:

Uncle David just became a great uncle. Baby David just became Uncle David and Angela and Steve just became the proud parents of Daniel Steven Aichinger. Born yesterday at 12:31, weighing 10.l oz and 21 and one half inches long. The baby is really cute and chubby. Love Anna
11/20/00 Julie Cartano Rourke wrote the following message:

Ross Fletcher was here visiting last week to see son Jim's latest
theater production which was playing at the "On the Boards" theater.
Call one of us for full details. I thought you might want the following
info for your address book:

Ross & Margaret Fletcher
17830 Bond Rd.
Ashton, MD 20861
(301) 776-3460
email: fletchem@ix.netcom.com

John & Lisa/John, 2 mo./live in Mexico/does research on earth's
Jim & Sandy (not married)/Shana, 2 yrs./live in Brooklyn/acting for 2
David/"significant others" are male/lives in Manhattan/database
11/23/00 Ann Cartano Gascoigne sent the following message:

The family had a nice Thanksgiving at Julie and Rob's.The Marcelia's and the Gascoigne's were there, as well as Robbie (Stark) and Mom and Dad. I didn't even recognize Robbie. He's an attorney, now. The food was great. I made Mom's cranberry salad. Helene made grandmother's pumpkin pie with the pecons on the top. We missed you. Love Anna
11/25/00 Helene Marcelia Cartano
35-62 206-662-5574
Off-site 425-451-1905

> ----------
> From: Marcelia, Helene C[SMTP:Helene.Marcelia@PSS.Boeing.com]
> Sent: Thursday, November 23, 2000 9:19 AM
> To: 'Anna Gascoigne'; 'Bob & Maureen Cartano'; 'David Cartano'; 'Joan Savard'; 'margaret hewes'; 'rourke@ibm.net'; 'helene.c.marcelia@boeing.com'
> Subject: Your Christmas Daytimer
> Hi everyone. Happy Thanksgiving. Just wanted to let you know what the line up is for the Christmas season so far.
> Margaret and family arrive - Thursday Dec 21;
> David arrives ?;
> Julie's open house - Sunday December 23rd 10:00am to 1:00 pm;
> Daniel's baby shower at mom's (for men too) - Also Sunday December 23rd 1:30pm to 3:00pm;
> Christmas day at Mom and Dad's - try for an early dinner for mom and dad?
> Bob and Maureen's dinner for 'out of towners' and brave ones - Tuesday December 26th Time ?;
> Jack's Birthday party at Joan and Steve's - Wednesday or Thursday evening December 27or 28;
> Margaret and family depart- Friday December 29;
> David departs ?
> Helene Marcelia
> 35-62 206-662-5574
> Off-site 425-451-1905
12/10/00 Hi. The baby shower for baby Daniel is set for Saturday, December 23rd at mom and dad's house. The time is 2:00pm. We are serving cake, fruit, and drinks (like punch and coffee). Angela's wish list is below. Yes, men are included in this and all the grand-kids. You can't get out of it, Joe. I promise we won't play any games.

TO: Helene Cartano Marcelia
35-62 206-662-5574
Off-site 425-451-1905

> ----------
> From: Rob & Anna Cartano Gascoigne[SMTP:gasra@nwlink.com]
> Sent: Monday, December 11, 2000 9:45 PM
> To: Marcelia
> Subject: wish list
> Hi Helene--here's Angela's wish list: Johnny-Jump-up, Dr. Seuss books, Front/back carrying sling,
> automatic swing, clothes for 14lbs. and up, hats(just a few)
12/18/00 From: Rob & Anna Cartano Gascoigne[SMTP:gasra@nwlink.com]
> Sent: Monday, December 18, 2000 7:23 AM
> To: Marcelia, Helene C
> Subject: Re: Christmas dinner
> How about if I bring the pies and icecream? (Remlinger's) --Anna
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> From: Marcelia, Helene C <Helene.Marcelia@PSS.Boeing.com>
> To: 'Anna Gascoigne' <gasra@nwlink.com>; 'Bob & Maureen Cartano'
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> <savard_steve@isus.emc.com>; 'margaret hewes' <mhewes@maine.rr.com>;
> 'rourke@ibm.net' <rourke@ibm.net>; 'helene.c.marcelia@boeing.com'
> <helene.c.marcelia@boeing.com>
> Date: Monday, December 18, 2000 5:47 AM
> Subject: Christmas dinner
> >What would you like to bring for Christmas dinner? Sign up now. I think
> Margaret is going to cook the smoked turkey.
> >
> >Helene Marcelia
> >35-62 206-662-5574
> >Off-site 425-451-1905